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11 Blackjack Tips Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

Blackjack is not only popular because it is relatively simple but exciting at the same time, no, the reason is also that it is the game in a casino that offers a player the best odds of winning next to poker. Blackjack is actually in every casino, whether physical or online, now standard and indispensable. The tables are well occupied and it is obviously fun for the players. Despite its simplicity, the game still has a certain complexity and leaves room for many variants and game strategies. That’s why we’ve listed 11 tips here so that you’re well armed at the blackjack table, know exactly what to do in which situation, and can possibly improve your chances of winning a little bit.

You should always…

… hit on a soft 17 (e.g. ace-six), split aces and eights, double on eleven and stay on a hard 17 or higher.

You should never…

… Split fives or tens, never stay on twelve through 16 if the dealer is showing a seven or higher. Never sit down at a table if you should be drunk. Never believe in winning streaks, never bid and avoid stupid gambling actions. Never sit at the table for too long without taking breaks, getting something to drink, eating or just stretching your legs.

There are no “hot” or “cold” tables

Forget that whole myth of “hot” versus “cold” tables. Something like that does not exist. Just as there are no “hot” or “cold” givers.

Tipping is not a must

Never feel pressured into having to tip the dealer in any way. You should only give a dealer money if you feel like it. As long as dealers don’t do anything dishonest – and that’s what the countless cameras in the casino are there for, that they don’t do that – then they can’t do anything that could affect the game in any way.

5 decks are enough

In a 6- or 8-deck game, the player’s odds are less, however, in a single deck the chances of being cheated are much greater – but that will never happen in a reputable casino.

If you’re not counting, ignore the shuffling process

As long as you don’t count cards, you don’t need to worry about shuffling. Automated shuffling machines theoretically make it impossible for professional players to track specific cards or even decks of cards during the shuffling process. Most shuffling operations performed by hand are not 100% random and could be computed by a computer simulation and fed to a device that displays these non-random operations.

Just take a seat somewhere

Walk up to the table and don’t worry about which chair is the best for you – all seats are the same. Amazingly, cards don’t prefer a particular place – only superstitious players do.

Insurance is a losing bet

It is important to remember that insurance only costs money. Never take insurance unless you memorize the percentage of aces and tens in the rest of the deck that has yet to be played. Otherwise it’s useless because the odds are against you.

Higher risk, higher reward (or loss)

The more you bet at the table, the more you can win – and of course logically lose. There is no way to bet progressively to maximize winnings. Progressive betting behavior in no way increases the odds of winning in the game. If your disadvantage is 1%, you will lose an average of 1% of all the money you bet at the table. Progressive betting only results in you betting more than you normally would, and thus you would lose more in the long run.

Stay cool and analytical

You should never get emotional when it comes to card games. Emotions lead to distraction, and this may lead you to over-bet or make strategy mistakes that could cost you dearly.

Master the basics

Never sit down at a blackjack table unless you have a basic strategy or even the rules in mind. If you don’t know what splitting or doubling means, you don’t know certain hand names, then you should do your research before you even think about wagering your money at a casino. Once you get the basics of blackjack down, your disadvantage against the casino is 5%, making it the best game there in terms of odds.

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