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Benefit From Bonuses In Online Casinos

Online casino business is booming, and competition is known to stimulate business. As a result, users can enjoy better and better playing conditions because every single player is fought over. One of the most attractive methods of winning over customers is the diverse bonus systems of the individual online casinos.

For example, many users make the choice of a particular online casino dependent on the amount of the welcome bonus. It is therefore worthwhile to list and explain the individual types of bonuses separately, so that every player knows what bonuses await him in the virtual gaming temples.

The welcome bonus opens doors

The most striking thing is certainly the welcome bonus that casinos like Merkur award. This is not a unique selling point of online casinos, but is now used for all kinds of services from electricity providers to media companies. At the online casino, the welcome bonus is usually made up of two important figures: the percentage indicates the amount of the bonus, while the other number indicates the maximum limit of the bonus.

On average, online casinos give a 100% bonus as an entry bonus with a deposit limit of 100 euros. This means that if you deposit 100 euros, you will receive a bonus of 100 euros. On the other hand, if you deposit 200 euros, you will still only receive 100 euros because you have already exceeded the limit. Since the welcome bonus can vary significantly from casino to casino, it is particularly worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the starter bonus in each casino. Sometimes the welcome bonus is accompanied by various free spins.

Existing customers also need attention

But not only new customers, but also existing customers are happy about donations and want to be kept happy. For them there is therefore the deposit bonus, which is also known as a reload bonus, whereby the English term “reload” literally means reloading. The “reload” refers to the deposits in the casino.

With the deposit bonus, existing customers are rewarded for the amount and amount of deposits. A deposit bonus is often a tiered system. The individual goals are listed transparently and are rewarded with a visible bonus when they are achieved. The aim of this bonus is to retain existing customers and to motivate them to make higher bets. The deposit bonus is usually smaller than the welcome bonus and ranges between percentages around 25% and 75%.

Bonuses with no strings attached

So far we have gotten to know bonuses that are linked to certain conditions. But there are also bonuses where this is not the case. They are therefore the most attractive for customers. With these bonuses, which are known in technical jargon as no-deposit bonuses, small amounts of money are awarded and credited to your own account. No deposit is required to receive the bonus. The attractive bonus can be offered both as a welcome gift for registering in an online casino and as a gift for existing customers.

Anyone who persuades friends to enter the casino will be rewarded

Occasionally, remuneration is known from the world of work if you persuade friends to join the company. Employers expect more employees and a better working atmosphere because friends usually work well together. Bonuses can also be awarded in online casinos for getting friends to join. When registering, the friends enter a code that can be used to trace the process, so that the player who has lured his friend into the casino can be credited with the promised amount.

Bonuses for poker players

From the poker world, special bonuses are known with the rakeback bonus and the cashback bonus. With the rakeback bonus, players are reimbursed a defined percentage of their stakes. The same applies to the cashback bonus, but with the caveat that the refund only applies to lost bets.

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