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Formula 1 And Casinos For A Unique Show

Formula 1 races are sporting events that have always been surrounded by an aura of glamour, adventure, mystery and power.

In addition, the latest technology is present in this sport at its best due to the competition cars built especially for these races and all the equipment that is needed for its proper functioning and safety during official tests and races.

On the other hand, there are the cities where each race takes place and that form the world circuit. This circuit includes some world cities that have belonged to it for many years, while others have disappeared and been replaced by new cities.

In relation to these changes, Las Vegas will be one of the new host cities for a new urban Formula 1 circuit, whose maximum speed will be 342 kilometers per hour and there will be two DRS zones (an essential system that facilitates overtaking during the race, but that can be used only in permitted areas).

Why did Formula 1 choose Las Vegas?

It is not the first Formula 1 race to be held in Las Vegas. The first took place on October 17, 1981 (last race on the calendar). Only one more Formula 1 race was held in 1982 and then Las Vegas was withdrawn from the circuit as the expected number of people did not attend.

Now, Las Vegas is once again the protagonist and it is not at all strange that this happens. It is a city that has all the attractions it must have to welcome you to Formula 1: The best hotel space, a wide variety of entertainment, the best tourist services and excellent connections to various airports.

Naturally, the most popular tourist attractions are the casinos, also for visitors arriving for the race in November 2023. If casinos are mentioned in Las Vegas, surely the reference is because of the incredible buildings that are part of the complexes. from the city.

However, in Las Vegas as in any part of the world, visitors can also play and bet in casinos and online betting houses that appear to these guys and all the tourists in the city as a very good option for the variety and convenience of access.

Online bookmakers have reported increased interest in betting on Formula 1 and other car races since the announcement of the 2023 Las Vegas sporting event.

How is Las Vegas preparing for the November 2023 Grand Prix?

There is no doubt that Las Vegas has all the tourist tools, the experience (it is also home to two other circuits) and the economic might to organize the best Formula 1 event of 2023.

Likewise, hosting this sporting event will bring a large number of financial advantages to the city (the cheapest tickets will cost 505 dollars), since the fans of this sport will surely take advantage of the moment to stay a few days in the city that never sleeps.

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