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Online Roulette: The Most Popular Table Game For Casino Players!

Along with slot machines, online roulette is one of the games that generate the most bets at online casinos. The players love it and, while some always bet on the same lucky numbers, others try to outsmart chance by implementing playing techniques. In either case, the objective is always the same: try to blow up the casino and win maximum money! Here is a handy guide to virtual online roulette for beginner players.

We will first come back to the rules of the game because roulette is a game that must be tamed! Do you know for example how many numbers there are on a roulette table? It is also important to know the paytable according to the stakes since if you play it is above all to make money, isn’t it? We will then come back to the specifics of live roulette which is a very particular type of online roulette since players place their bets in front of real croupiers who animate the roulette tables in front of a camera. The experience is quite immersive.

Players appreciate the atmosphere of a land-based casino, especially since some live dealers are in brick-and-mortar casinos while others are filmed in studios, and being able to trade with the croupier. We will then walk you through how to play roulette on an online casino. Unlike land-based establishments, online casinos have the advantage of offering many bonuses to their customers which is always appreciable. It is even possible to find free roulette games in French on the internet!

We will come back to the different variants of roulette – English roulette, French roulette, and European roulette – which allow you to vary the pleasures. Finally, you will find out what strategies players put in place to increase their chances of winning!

Which Is The Best Casino To Play Roulette Online?

All online casinos offer roulette games, but not all are created equal.

The best virtual casino to place bets on this table game must have several criteria:

  • Bonus: He must offer new players a superb welcome bonus which can be used on all games in his portfolio, including table games of which roulette is a part.
  • Reliable Online Roulette: Must be a regulated, licensed operator. It must have been on the internet for several years and, in the opinion of players, be a reliable casino that can be trusted.
  • It must have many roulette games, all variants combined, and also offer roulettes in the “Live Casino” part.
  • The conditions for payment of the winnings must be completely satisfactory. You are guaranteed to get your money quickly.

The Rules Of Online Roulette

The rules of the game of roulette online are the same as those of roulette. The only difference is that you are not playing in a real casino but in a virtual casino. Roulette belongs to the family of table games. It’s probably even the most iconic of them for a casino. The players are gathered around a table and a mat. Under the control of the croupiers, they place the amount bet and symbolized by one or more tokens.

When the stake is closed, the croupier then actuates the axis mounted on a bearing. This produces a rotation (in the opposite direction to the previous turn) of a cylinder of approximately 80 cm in diameter. He then throws the ball, this ball being generally in ivory, in the opposite direction to that of the rotation of the plate. If you play roulette at an online casino the dealer is replaced by computer software. If you miss the lack of human touch and want the game to look more real, live roulette is for you!

The roulette mat consists of 37 numbers presented in three columns of 12 numbers. The last number, number 0, is at the top of these three rows. In the lower part, you will find what we call the “simple holds”. For this type of bet, you will have the choice between “red”, “black”, “even”, “odd”, “miss” and “pass”. Close to these cases, you can also notice the presence of areas called “dozens”.

You will therefore have probably already understood that several bets are offered. Obviously, the potential gains vary depending on your risk-taking. You can choose, for example, a single number. If successful, you will then win 35 times the amount wagered. By choosing two numbers, the winnings are then equivalent to 17 times the amount of the bet. You also have the possibility to bet on several numbers according to their placement on the carpet. You can choose a line or cross (three numbers for a win of 11 times the bet), a square (four numbers, 8 times the bet), and a six (six numbers or two consecutive lines, 5 times the bet). Finally, the more careful among you will place your money on the lowest paying (apparently) bets on the roulette table.

When you play roulette online the casino gives you virtual chips. After choosing the number or numbers you want to bet on, all you need to do is place the number of chips you want on the boxes representing the numbers. It’s as simple as that. Just like in a real casino you will hear the famous “place your bets” to indicate that it is time to place your chips.

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What Is Live Roulette or Live Roulette?

Live roulette is an online roulette that is not managed by software but by a real croupier. The game is therefore much more real and it is possible to interact with the dealers via live chat.

To appreciate this mode, it is important to understand the principle. Live roulettes are not just computer programs. It is indeed a human who runs the game. Its image is transmitted via a camera to distant participants as in a live broadcast. He has screens in front of him indicating the actions of the participants as the game progresses. No brake on fun, no downtime, no latency like in a real roulette! All this gives an interesting extra soul to Live Roulette. This way of staging the game is strikingly realistic. Try this roulette wheel and you will see for yourself!

The croupiers are either found in recording studios. These are huge open-plan spaces, which are often found in Malta or in Eastern Europe, where dozens of table games are arranged –roulette but also blackjack, poker, or baccarat for example-. All the tables, which for the most part are open 24 hours a day, are filmed. The broadcast is live, the player can therefore address the croupier by writing to him via a chat, the croupier then responds verbally. Other recordings take place in land-based casinos. If you have the opportunity to travel to the small island of Malta, for example, you will see that the Dragonara casino regularly hosts filming. You can therefore see a croupier facing an empty table, the players being on the internet.

Now, for an online casino, it is impossible to claim to be part of the very closed circle of the best casinos to play roulette if you do not offer a live casino.

What Are The Advantages Of Online Roulette?

Virtual online roulette has several advantages:

  • Unlike hard-core casinos, online casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Players can therefore play non-stop, at any time of the day, and wherever they are as they only need an internet connection to initiate their bets.
  • Are you a novice? You will love the demo mode (or fun mode) which allows you to play without using the real money you have in the balance.
  • It is possible to play on several roulettes at the same time. Good online casinos also have the multi-view option to view several tables at the same time.
  • You can play with casino bonuses and most sites have a loyalty program that entitles you to exclusive benefits. For big players, the VIP program can also be interesting.
  • On the internet the choice of roulette is impressive. You obviously find all the variants (French, European, American roulette) but that’s not all. Software providers compete in ingenuity to launch unique games, especially in the field of a live casino. We think in particular of the Lightning Roulette of Evolution Gaming which allows you to multiply the winnings up to 500 times!
  • The payout rate of online casinos is greater than the payout rates of land-based casinos.
  • Since online roulette is managed by software and not by a dealer, it has the advantage of being faster than traditional roulette. The roulette games are linked, it is the strength of technology! For example, on Evolution Gaming’s Speed ​​Roulette the ball is launched every 25 seconds!
  • You now understand why virtual roulette is so successful!

Where And How To Play Roulette Online?

To play roulette online you must first open an account at an online casino. To start betting you must then make a first deposit which will generally entitle you to a more or less generous welcome bonus.

The minimum stake to play virtual roulette depends on the games and the casinos but, on average, the minimum amount for roulette bets is 2 euros (as is the case on the Joka site ). In other words, a token is equivalent to 2 euros.

In order to satisfy their customers, online casinos go to the best providers. Among them, Evolution Gaming notably offers a solid offer made up of both 3D software and “online roulette”. With this provider, lovers of the small ball will not know where to turn! They will indeed have a hard time choosing their online roulette game among hits such as Live Roulette, Mini-Live Roulette, Native Speaking Roulette, Slingshot Auto Roulette, or Sports Roulette!

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How To Find Reliable Online Roulette?

Finding reliable online roulette is like finding a reliable online casino. Indeed, from the moment you play at a serious online casino, you can tell yourself that the game of roulette is reliable.

As a reminder, an online casino must have a license and the company that operates it must be registered. The operator must use a security system that allows encrypting the transactions (deposits and withdrawals) of its customers. If the virtual casino meets these conditions you can tell yourself that you are playing reliable online roulette. Note that game suppliers like Evolution Gaming also hold licenses since their activity is controlled and meets the requirements of regulators (Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, etc.). The redistribution rate is one of the criteria that are subject to control by regulators. For a good online roulette, it is generally around 97% -98% which is much more than in land-based casinos.

There are some rankings of the best casinos to play roulette so you can bet one or more chips on your lucky numbers safely and without fear of the risk of scam!

Is It Possible To Play Free Roulette?

Only at online casinos is it possible to play roulette for free. Some operators allow you to test their games without investing money thanks to the demo mode.

If you don’t know anything about online roulette then the online casino demo mode is for you! It allows you to access a game of free online roulette and introduce you to its interests without the slightest financial stake. Some of the roulette sites that can be found at the top of the ranking of the best casinos do not even require you to register in advance to take advantage of them! You will directly access your free game. This is called a free roulette game without registration.

Free online roulette gambling is not just exciting entertainment. Each free roulette game will allow you to learn something or to check the solidity of your technique. Some free online roulette sites even offer tips and tricks to help you progress. This will prevent you from making the usual mistakes of over-confident beginners who can see their scales evaporate in just a few bets. Once again, all this will cost you nothing, this initiation is completely free! On the other hand, as you can imagine, free roulette does not allow you to win real money. So take advantage of the benefits of free roulette before you take your game to the next level and one day challenge real roulette online!

Is Roulette A Game Of Chance or Can We Implement A Game Technique?

An online casino roulette wheel seduces thanks to the intensity of the sensations it provides. Tables are also of interest to those who are looking for more profit than just pleasure. However, is it really possible to want to break the link between roulette chance and winnings as in a game of poker? Can we develop our own roulette technique? Is it a reliable and really effective solution?

It is enough to browse the various opinions on the internet to discover the existence of several strategies applicable to table games such as poker but also to roulette games. They aim to optimize the player’s chance to bet by removing the brakes on profitability in order to generate a profit. Remember that they only give their full potential over the long term and seek above all to optimize the bet/win ratio. You should not, therefore, hope to hit the jackpot from the first spin of the swivel wheel!

Among the most effective techniques, we find in particular the martingale d’Alembert. It owes its name to the famous French mathematician and philosopher. It is based on the principle of adapting the amount of the stake according to the results of previous moves. If your first bet of a token loses, then the amount of the second will have to be doubled in order to generate profit despite this first failure. This table game technique still requires you to keep a cool head to know how to withdraw from the game at the most opportune moment.

Also pay close attention to the Hawks method, which we also owe to another mathematician. Applied to online roulette or casino roulette, it consists of betting only on solid colors while taking into account previous moves in order to adapt the amount of the stakes. Over the years, improvements have been made to it to maximize its effects. Thus, it is interesting to bet on the next round on the opposite color in case of victory, otherwise, keep the same color without forgetting to adapt the amount of the bet accordingly.

The expression Hot Numbers refers to the numbers that have come out the most recent. Some players choose to bet on these numbers but there is no evidence that this strategy works. Others opt for a completely opposite strategy by deciding to place bets on the Cold Numbers which are precisely the numbers that come out the least often. This technique relies on the probability that a number that has not been released for a long time will necessarily end up winning.

When playing, remember that roulette is first and foremost a game of chance and the number of your winnings will largely depend on the luck factor. The strategies we have been talking about are unlikely to show any results in the short term so, in our opinion, trust your feeling when playing and having fun!

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How To Play English Roulette?

Among the most interesting roulettes, one distinguishes, in particular, the English roulette. A maximum of seven participants can be seated, all located on the same side and facing the dealers. Each has its own color of chip, the value of which varies according to the wheels since it corresponds to the minimum amount of stakes accepted by the croupier. Regarding the accessories, no notable particularity to report. We obviously find the simple takes on the side of the participants as well as the traditional table with the three columns filled with numbers (the even numbers in red and the odd numbers in black) between 1 and 36.

American roulette should not be confused with its “English counterpart”. Indeed, the latter has only one number zero against two for the first. If chance decides to stop the ball on this “zero”, whether you are playing in the English or American version, all the sums involved will be divided into two equal parts. One of them will be picked up by the croupiers and will go directly to the bank. The other half will be returned to the player. Therefore, you understand that with a single “0” box, the English variant, therefore, maximizes the player’s chance of success compared to his US variant. This is undoubtedly one of the advantages that makes this table game so popular.

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