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Playing Games on Low-performance Devices: Here’s How

You don’t necessarily need a high-end gaming PC to play video games. With a few tricks, getting more out of older and less powerful devices for paddling is possible. Use these tips to play games on older laptops (or smartphones) without upgrading your hardware.

Adjust settings

Unfortunately, no heck will let you play high-end video games at 60FPS and 1080p smoothly on an old computer. But with a few compromises in terms of performance and graphics, you can get various games running on your low-performance device. To do this, open the settings of the game you want to play. For most PC games, you can adjust the graphics and resolution to suit your PC’s performance. Depending on your device’s ability, you should set the settings to “very low” and turn off additional effects. By turning down the resolution, you can also get more FPS out of the game, as fewer pixels place fewer demands on the graphics card. Although 1080p is better, 720p still offers a good picture. A few tools, such as Magpie, can help you get a good balance between graphics and frame rate.

In addition to the settings within the game, it may be worth looking at the background processes. Open the task manager to see other programs on your PC. All these take up resources that can slow down the PC and your games. To speed up your PC and free up resources for gaming, quit any processes that are not needed.

Play games in the browser

Your device may be less powerful, but is your internet connection fast and stable? Then, browser-based online games could be a good alternative. Browser games are developed to run smoothly, even on older and less powerful devices. Nowadays, there is a vast selection of browser games of all possible genres that you can play online with just a few clicks. For example, numerous well-known classics and board games are available online. For example, the strategy hit Anno can now be played online in the browser without downloading and utterly free of charge. Board and board games such as Risk, Catan, Monopoly, Chess and many others are also available online in the browser.

A variety of simulators even offer well-known arcade games online. With online versions of Street Fighter II and Space Invaders, the iconic games are directly available online with just a few clicks. The classic slot machines can now also be played online without downloading. Numerous Vegas slots are available online through the digitisation of traditional machines. This makes them easier to access and offers a more diverse selection. Slots like Star Joker bring the conventional one-armed bandit gaming system online, while places like Big Bass Bonanza Megaways introduce innovative mechanics and novel gameplay. The classics are ready to start via the browser on PCs and mobile devices. At the other end of the spectrum, there are also lots of complex video games and substantial multiplayer games.

Use cloud gaming

You can sign up for a cloud gaming service to play demanding video games on a weak machine. There are now a large number of providers who provide all kinds of PC and console games via the cloud. Cloud gaming providers use data centres equipped with high-tech computers and video game consoles. The games are installed on these devices and streamed over the Internet to your device. The games do not have to run locally on your device, as the data centre provides the necessary computing power. However, it would help to have a fast and stable internet connection to play via the cloud.

If you want to play Xbox games via the cloud, you can sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which provides Xbox cloud gaming across PCs and smartphones. Several good cloud gaming services have advantages and disadvantages, such as GeForce Now, PlayStation Plus, Amazon Luna and Shadow. They all make it possible to stream demanding games via the cloud, even on low-performance devices. If you have a fast internet connection and the budget for a subscription, cloud gaming could be the optimal solution for you.

With these simple tips and tricks, you can play all sorts of games, even on low-performance devices, without spending much money upgrading your hardware.

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