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What Are Volatility And Slot Games?

Have you ever heard of volatility in online slots? Whether you are an online casino player or not, you may want to know a little more about this and some other interesting concepts.

To begin with, make it clear that online slots have almost nothing to do with those old slot machines that still remain in neighborhood bars. Online slots are the logical evolution of the old slot machines, there are all kinds of them: classic slots, video slots, jackpot slots, slots with different pay lines and more!

And when we talk about volatility in slots, we are referring to the correlation between the size of the prizes and the frequency with which they are given to bettors. There are slots with high and low volatility, although there are also those with medium, medium-high and medium-low volatility. Further down in this article we explain what each volatility means.

Game mechanism

How do online slots work? If you’ve never played, don’t worry, it’s very easy. Slots are usually structured in a section and within this section there may be filters or subsections to organize them by subcategories: jackpot slots, classic slots, video slots, new slots, popular slots…

There is also a search engine in case we want to find a specific slot machine.

Once we find the slot we want to have fun with, we just have to click on the cover and the game will start as soon as we click on ‘Spin’. You will see the reels spin and animations start to appear.

While we play we are spending the money from our game account. We can alternate the value of each spin on the same screen, respecting the minimum and maximum, which are usually a minimum of €0.10.

High, low and RTP volatility What is it?

As we have commented, volatility is the frequency and the amount of prize that the slots give.

High volatility slots are those that offer big prizes, that is, high amounts, however, every longer period of time.

On the other hand, low volatility slots are those that offer more prizes frequently, but of smaller amounts.

Coupled with volatility, surely you have heard or read about the RTP ( Return To Player ). The RTP is the percentage of prize that is given to the players based on the money bet by them. It is measured in the long term and simply indicates the percentage of what is bet that is returned.

Obviously if the RTP were 100% the slot would not be profitable for the creators, however the RTPs of online casino slots are usually around 96%. The highest exceed 98%.

How to choose Slot game

Visit your favorite casino platforms, take a look at the slots category, apply search filters depending on what you are looking for and choose the slots that are most attractive to you.

With a little experience you will know more about your preferences and you will discover which games you enjoy the most. Many times you will be able to try the slots for free, depending on the casino.

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