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What Technology Is Hidden Behind Online Roulette

Sometimes we don’t think about it. We just select the amount of the bet, put it on the number or color in which we have confidence and spin the wheel. However, for all this to be possible, there are countless functions doing a specific job. Therefore, here we want to explain how online casino roulette works.

RNG, A concept that we should not forget

We have all heard about methods by which it is possible to beat chance and win easy money at roulette. A clear example of this is the martingale. However, over time, casinos have been perfecting their roulette wheels so that luck is the only factor to take into account. This is especially noticeable on online platforms thanks, mainly, to the “random number generator” or “random number generator” (RNG).

The RNG is a computer program that is responsible for generating random numbers constantly . In fact, it is capable of working with more than 4 million possible combinations per second . Thanks to an extremely complex algorithm, it is impossible to predict what the behavior of the wheel will be once the virtual ball is launched.

However, the RNG does not act alone. It does this combined with another function called “return-to-player” or “return to player” (RTP). This factor is what determines the player’s winning options and the banker’s profit margin.

For example, in the real world, the RTP for French Roulette is 97.3%. In other words, by probability, bettors are going to recover 97.3 cents for every euro they bet. Instead, the bank will keep the remaining 2.7%. Of course, in infinity. An advantage that is given by the presence of the number zero, which is the one that tips the scales in their favor.

This criterion is essential when playing online roulette, since it is the guarantee that the player has a chance to win. It is also responsible, along with the RNG, for the good and not so good streaks that we all experience.

What about Live Roulette?

Combine the privacy of home or a mobile phone with the real experience of being in a casino. With that purpose, Quantum Roulette with live dealers and many others like it were born. In this type of case, the technologies are different, since the roulette with which it is played really exists and is managed by a dealer (another factor that influences the result, even if unintentionally).

We have the possibility of playing live roulette thanks, fundamentally, to the development of streaming video broadcast technology. This allows us to enjoy the signal anywhere as long as we have an Internet connection . It also gives us the chance to interact with other players via chat.

In short, despite how much we have become familiar with digital roulettes, we cannot ignore that they hide a very complex technology behind them.

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