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What Will Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Casinos Be Like?

This technology is already among us and that is why there are several companies working on using augmented reality and virtual reality for online casinos. We tell you what these immersive rooms will be like.

What is the Difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

Let’s start with the first thing: to differentiate these two technologies. Virtual reality (VR) is a 100% digital environment in which everything is mounted on a virtual stage . A “metaverse”.

Augmented reality, on the other hand, is less ambitious. It consists of placing virtual objects in a real existing scene , usually taken with the mobile phone camera. That is, when looking through the mobile screen you can see objects that are not there in the physical plane, they belong to the virtual plane but they are in a real setting.

What does it take for us to have Virtual Reality Casinos?

Online casino companies are waiting for the big multinationals in California. Virtual reality is still in a very early stage and it is not yet clear what device most people will adopt to connect. In addition, it is also not known what the “metaverse” to which they will connect will be .

For now, the most advanced company in the development of this virtual world is Meta (Facebook). Google companies with their virtual glasses “Daydream” and Oculus are the most advanced in hardware development. However, as virtual reality requires a very good internet quality, it is still a long way from its real implementation around the world .

What will Casinos with Augmented Reality be like?

Little by little, more examples of augmented reality are being seen. For example, the best-known French supermarket already offers a catalog of toys that can be “projected” at home through an AR app. The release was made just in time for Christmas.

Other known examples are the game Pokemon Go and the augmented reality objects used in some news programs for special occasions such as elections or the weather.

In the field of casinos there are already companies working on projects with this technology. Augmented reality will serve to place the cards on the player’s table, or have a roulette wheel in the dining room . The options are truly limitless and right at your doorstep.

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