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Discover Many Slots Tricks And Tips To Make Gaming Even More Interesting

In general, the built-in software of the respective slot machines includes an automatic return rate, which is usually slightly above 90% and varies around 95% in online casinos. Translated, this means that in the long term you will always lose at least 5-10% when playing slot machines. That must be clear, even if you can learn various slot machine tricks to at least increase the initial chances of winning and to make gaming on a slot machine even more interesting.

But before we start with the actual slot machine tricks, we would like to clear up a myth that regularly haunts various gambling forums: It is said that you simply have to increase your stakes regularly in order to compensate for the loss on the slot machine with higher winnings. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true, as the simple fact is that there are no 100% safe slot machine tricks. So this myth is rightly just a myth, because it doesn’t guarantee big profits either. But below, let’s take a look at some slot machine tricks that can actually make you a better player.

Bets and Tricks

Let’s first have a look at the stakes in order to tie in with the aforementioned myth of the legendary slot machine tricks. When it comes to betting on your favorite slot machine, it all comes down to your personal preferences, because it is much more important how many paylines you want to play on. When playing with multiple paylines, it is the case with many slot machines that the higher the stakes, the higher the return rate. This allows you to make bigger profits, but at the same time you run the risk of losing track of your bets and therefore the amounts of money you are risking.

If you just want to have fun with your favorite slot machine, we clearly recommend choosing lower stakes, because this way you can of course participate in the gaming pleasure for longer. And here’s the real tip on slot machine tricks: Control your money! It is best to set a fixed maximum bet and win for the general casino visit in advance – whether offline or online. This will avoid you getting into debt and you won’t be able to gamble away your winnings again because after a while you’ll just be forced to stop playing.

With this slot machine trick, you set yourself a limit of, for example, a maximum bet of 100 euros and at the same time say that you would be satisfied with a profit of 50 euros. And don’t be tempted to vary these previously set limits, otherwise you’ll quickly get the feeling that you’ve had a bad evening at the casino, even though you actually achieved your initial goal.

Opportunity to win

This has the clear advantage that you can play longer and still have the same chances of winning big as with some other slot machines that require significantly higher stakes. So – hit the progressive jackpots! What you should also pay attention to are the already mentioned response rates. One of the most important slot machine tricks is to look for slot machines or casinos whose odds are between 5 and 10 percent higher than comparable arcades. In fact, this is often the case with online casinos and thanks to the latest technology, great graphics and innovative live casinos or the like, you hardly have to do without the real gambling atmosphere in classic casinos when you switch to online casinos.

Your wallet will thank you! Another advantage of the online casino is the fact that you can also enjoy the game portfolio on the go with a mobile app for your smartphone. This means that you can play your favorite slot machine from anywhere, which of course automatically increases the chance of winning. Sounds logical right? So sometimes slot machine tricks are very easy to do but have a great effect.

A Great tip

One of the best slot machine tricks is also to get to know the machine in detail before you plunge into the highest stakes. Many players gamble straight away without familiarizing themselves with the rules and details of gaming. So if you start playing directly with higher stakes on a machine that is still unknown to you, then you can lose a lot of money. In order to test the machines, many casinos also offer a play money mode, with which you can avoid losing real money and can choose a favorite first.

And the most important slot machine trick: stop when it’s at its best. Don’t gamble away your valuable winnings because you think your winning streak is at its peak. Work with the stake and win limit mentioned above and just be satisfied, because your lucky streak can unfortunately end quite abruptly. Sure, there are no 100% safe slot machine tricks for winning, but one or the other statistical advantage can clearly promote your luck.

If you are interested in a new slot machine, you should first get to know it. Use the opportunity to explore the functions in training mode without spending any money. In addition, there are a lot of other slot machine tricks that will help you to get one or the other win a little more reliably.

What Payout rates do new slots tricks offer?

Almost every slot machine has a certain payout percentage. This is also known as RTP for Return-to-Player ratio. The value indicates how much of the stakes paid in by the player are paid out again as winnings. Since the payout percentages are subject to change, it’s worth checking out the slot a bit more here. It is well known that slot machines with a high RTP value pay out the winnings more often than a machine with a very low RTP value.

When deciding on a new slot machine game, you should also consider its RTP. Especially with online casinos you will often find the RTP value in the game rules for the respective slot machine. Some casinos have a dedicated RTP odds page that lists the payout percentages of the most popular slots.

Use slots tricks on low volatility slots

In addition to the aforementioned payout ratios, you should find out about the respective payout behavior of a slot machine. This is about volatility. This is about the risk factor that every machine has. Many slot machines have low volatility and therefore pay out winnings more frequently. However, it should not go unmentioned here that the amount of profit here is rather small. If a slot machine has a high volatility, then it pays out much less frequently. However, if you win, the payouts are very high.

If you want to try your luck at an unfamiliar slot machine, the volatility value shows you how often the machine will pay you a win. This is useful, for example, for all those who want to play more often and can also look forward to small winnings. When it comes to volatility, there are advantages and disadvantages in relation to the amount of profit.

It sometimes makes sense to compare the individual slot machine tricks with each other to find out which machine offers the best chance of winning. Irrespective of this, you should not be influenced by volatility alone. First and foremost, play slots that you enjoy.

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