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The Live Casino Revolution

The world of casinos has been evolving throughout history. At first it was necessary to move to a physical establishment to be able to play your favorite game. Although this has always been the best option for many players, with the improvement of technology, other alternatives have emerged.

In relation to the latter, the arrival of online gaming allowed us to access this type of entertainment using a computer and, later, even do it through our mobile device.

But this evolution did not stop here, since the arrival of live casinos has been a revolution for the sector. And it is this new live modality that we are going to talk about in the following paragraphs.

The advantage of mobility in live casinos

Is it comfortable to play in a physical casino? Once you have arrived at the establishment, no, but this usually entails a previous trip, either in a private vehicle or on public transport.

However, playing at one of the best live casinos is much easier and more convenient for many users as they won’t have to travel and can play from virtually anywhere.

Mobility is therefore one of the most advantageous elements offered by the live game. In fact, using a mobile device a user can play live roulette or blackjack games from virtually any location from which they can connect to the Internet.

In other words, a player can access the live casino from their own home, from a cafeteria, from a park or even from the beach, to name a few examples. It all depends on whether the location has a secure public WIFI network or a 4G connection.

The lure of real dealers

One of the most disruptive aspects of live gaming is that the player does not participate in titles managed by software, as is the case in online gaming , but by real dealers .

These are gaming professionals like the ones we can find in any of the best physical casinos in Spain. These people are in charge of directing the development of the game just as they would in a real establishment.

This has several implications for the participants. One of them is that they can interact directly with the dealer, being able to ask questions about the game or simply have a relaxed chat while the action is taking place.

In this sense, the live roulette modality is the most widespread title in this segment, since it is the game that can combine in the best possible way the main ingredients that make up the live game.


The live casino is a very interesting modality for those players who find it more comfortable to play online, but also want to be able to interact with real dealers , just as they would in a physical casino room. As we have seen, this variant has interesting advantages, especially if we focus on mobility or interaction with other people . It is, therefore, a great casino option to which the technological development and ingenuity of the gaming sector allows us to have access.

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