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5 Tips To Excel At The Blackjack Table

Blackjack, really now? Sure, of course! Gambling is perhaps as old as mankind itself. Rolling the dice, pulling sticks, rock and paper scissors – the fascination for this type of game can be proven for at least the last 3000 years and enjoys an unbroken fascination. But how can you shine at the game without much previous experience? We have the best Black Jack tips.

Black Jack Tips: Try it out first

Of course, you want to feel as safe as possible in the casino and not embarrass yourself by breaking unknown rules. For this purpose we have listed the most important back jack tips here. First of all, practice is everything. So if you like, you can hone your skills online before actually visiting the casino.

What is blackjack actually about?

The deck of cards is associated with the number 21, which I’m sure everyone has heard of before. The players have to win against the dealer who is facing them, who deals the cards and has cards himself. All players try to get as close as possible to the 21 point count with two or more cards. If you have more than 21 points in your hand, this is considered “busted” and you have lost.

Each player is initially dealt two cards openly, the dealer also has two, of which he leaves one hidden. On the basis of this initial situation, a decision must now be made as to whether to be dealt more cards, which can be done several times, or whether to stick with your hand. After this decision has been made by all players, the dealer reveals his second card. Whoever is closest to 21 wins and gets their stake doubled. If you bust, you lose your bet, if there is a tie, your bet is returned. If you have 21 points when the cards are dealt, it is Black Jack and you get a win that is usually at a ratio of 3:2.

Are there winning strategies in blackjack?

Unlike most other games of chance, in blackjack past events do have an impact on future ones. While the ball always starts at a random point in roulette, there is only a limited number of cards of a specific value in the game. In addition to pure luck and intuition, there is also the principle of card counting, which is legal but frowned upon in casinos. Anyone who is caught doing so can be expelled from the house and, in the worst case, must also give up their previous winnings. This makes it clear that the players’ chances can be significantly improved by counting.

5 Black Jack Tips

1. Wear the right outfit

One of the most important Black Jack tips ever: The topic of clothing is of great importance in the casino. Anyone who asks for admission with the wrong outfit will be turned away. This differs from house to house and is particularly true for men, but women also cut the best figure with the right clothes. Evening wear is best. You can go all out, appear in an elegant dress and put on your good jewelry. The sneakers are best left at home, no matter how comfortable they may be. At the Black Jack table you can wear your “seat shoes’ ‘ very well.

2. Tipping the dealer?

Even if you often read that you should tip the dealer, there is no obligation to do so, not even a moral one, like in a restaurant. Also, it doesn’t look very professional. Casinos like to make this recommendation because they don’t always pay their employees enough, but players are not responsible for that. If you win big, you’re welcome to hand over a chip, but only if you really want to.

3. When is it forbidden to touch the chips?

Money is exchanged at the table, laying it down for the dealer to count and exchange for chips in full view of the cameras. Of course, when you place your bet, you have to touch the chips, but after that you should try to avoid it. Playing around with your bet is disruptive and can give the impression of manipulation.

By the way: You always stack your bets in such a way that the more expensive chips are on the bottom.

4. When can you touch the cards?

One of the most important Black Jack tips ever: Even if it’s difficult – you never touch the cards. This is to avoid manipulation. The dealer deals and takes back the cards.

5. Vent your anger?

There is a high probability that you will lose more often than win at the blackjack table. However, it is an absolute no-go to vent your anger and spoil the fun for the other players. In the end it’s just a gamble, and as the saying goes: bad luck in the game, lucky in love!

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