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Blackjack Table: Knowing When To Bet

In other articles on our blog, we have told you the most relevant strategies that any blackjack player should know. Now that you know them, it is a good time to continue delving into other important concepts. These strategies are based on the blackjack table that indicates the actions that can be performed and the probabilities that they give you in each case.

There are several different blackjack tables and it is vital that the player knows how to choose the most appropriate one at all times. It is highly recommended to learn to read it and even better to be able to memorize each action. You already know that blackjack is a game in which chance plays a vital role, so the risks of losing are high. Play responsibly and make an effort to know these blackjack tables to improve your gaming experience.

What is a blackjack table?

For those of you who may never have heard of it, a blackjack table is a panel with an axis on which all the possible cards in the game are laid out. On another axis, there is a certain number of boxes indicating the 4 most relevant actions that give the player the most advantage: hit, stay, split or double. Surrender is also allowed in some of the blackjack options.

It is essential that it be understood from the outset that we are talking about probabilities. This means that it is not a foolproof strategy or anything like that, but it may be that, even if you use the blackjack table correctly, you end up winning the house. We can say that it is a strategy for blackjack that is capable of reducing the possible advantage of the casino, but nothing more.

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Different blackjack tables

Blackjack tables are a very important aid for users when making decisions. They are based on the combinations of cards that can be given in the game, depending on certain rules. If these change or the number of cards changes, the decisions that the player must make will have to be different as well. The pattern that this blackjack probability table follows is very similar in all cases and changes only occur at very specific times.

1 deck blackjack table

Today it is almost impossible to find single deck blackjack, but it is good that you know that it exists in the purest form of blackjack. In this case, you would need a blackjack table for when the dealer has 17. The difference between these two blackjack tables lies in the actions you should take when you have soft 18 vs. 2 and soft 19 vs. 6. You should know that all blackjack present in the offer of Casino Barcelona are 6 decks, as is the case throughout the market.

2 deck blackjack table

It is very similar to the previous one, except for the actions you can take when doubling. It may also be that they allow you to surrender.

4-8 deck blackjack tables

This is the basic strategy for blackjack that you will find in our offer. Basically, you should know that this is your choice when the dealer stands on a hard 17.

Using and interpreting blackjack tables can be a bit difficult at first, especially if you are an inexperienced player. Despite this, you will see that you will know how to do it very quickly and it will help you in making decisions in the different types of Casino Barcelona such as cashback blackjack or Vegas blackjack .

The reading you should do of the blackjack tables is the following. On one of its axes will appear all the combinations that can occur for your hand. They will always be separated into hard hands, soft hands and pairs. On another axis, you will always have the dealer’s up card. Depending on the cards you get, you should look for the box where they intersect with the dealer’s card and there they indicate the action that has the best odds for you.

It is true that many users can be overwhelmed by these tables, but it is very useful to have them at hand to consult them at the time it is necessary.

Some keys to correctly use these blackjack tables

As in almost everything, each user can decide the best way to take advantage of these tables. Many print them out so they can be seen quickly when they need to be used. Others, with time and experience, end up memorizing them to put into practice. The latter is not easy, but it can be achieved.

Some of the keys to possible success in putting blackjack tables to use are as follows:

It is interesting to focus on a single form of blackjack. As you know, this game has various options and if you change often, it could end up being much more complicated to control its different conditions.

Review the blackjack table often. To end up memorizing it, the ideal is that you have it in sight and consult it as often as possible.

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