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Martingale Method In Roulette: Does It Really Work?

We are sure that you have heard of the Martingale method as a game strategy. It has often been presented by some as a good option to improve the performance of your spins on the best roulette. As we always say, neither the Martingale nor any other tactic is foolproof , so we want to delve a little deeper into this matter for those who want to use it in roulette in the Casino Barcelona offer.

For those who don’t know much about the Martingale in roulette, let me tell you that it is a progressive betting system in which you must double your bet every time you lose. In our casino offer you can apply it to all roulette options. In this article, we want to dig a little deeper into the real usefulness of the Martingale in roulette.

The Martingale: does it work or not?

Let’s start from a very important base for the security of your game: no roulette strategy always works or guarantees anything. Keep this in mind and run away from those who want to make you believe that they have the formula that will make you always win. If you decide to use it in any of the Casino Barcelona roulettes, including live roulette , do so being aware of the risk you run and always play with the utmost responsibility.

Let’s go with the functionality of the Martingale in roulette. This option of doubling your bet after each loss does not work to win. For those who have not used it, it applies to games with bets on red/black, even/odd or similar. The key to its supposed success is based on the fact that, although you can win money after several consecutive bets and repeat the process, in the long run it will not work due to a series of factors that it is good that you know.

The first is that the tables have a limit on the bets . The second is that the money a user has to play with is limited and the third is that bad streaks end up appearing sooner or later. The big problem with the Martingale for roulette is that, when any of these factors are present, the user loses everything, so its supposed advantages, as you can see, are totally eliminated. We believe that no strategy that has that level of risk can be considered interesting and that is why we do not recommend its use.

The arguments against the usefulness of the Martingale in roulette are clear, but others can even be given. For example, a very clear one is that if it were infallible or had a high success rate, it would be the end of online casino operators since everyone would always win. The reality is completely different. Winning at roulette is very complicated due to the enormous role of chance in its development. Always keep it in mind and play at all times with the utmost responsibility.

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More arguments against the Martingale

This game strategy follows a model known since the 18th century . It was studied then in the discipline of mathematical probability, but even back then it was already known that it did not give results to win.

If we want to delve even deeper into the reasons that lead us to think that the Martingale is not valid for online roulette, we must go into a more mathematical analysis . We know it’s hard for most of us, but we’ll try to make it as easy as possible. To simplify it, we will say that many players believe that doubling their bet is a strategy that they can control and do not see in it a great risk. Of course, it is a serious mistake since the odds are often poorly managed or calculated worse than they really are and that only leads to accumulating losses.

From a mathematical point of view, the arguments used by the Martingale system to say that it works are the following:

  • The bet option that is chosen has a probability close to 50%, for example, red / black roulette.
  • One unit is bet, for example, one euro.
  • In the case of winning, a profit of one euro is achieved, so the same thing is done again as in the previous point.
  • In the case of losing, the bet made previously is doubled.
  • If you win, you will have recovered what you lost before, plus one euro, so you must return to point two again.
  • If you lose, you would have to double your bet again.

This is the reasoning that leads many to think that nothing can go wrong and that the Martingale will give them the good results they are looking for. We have already seen that there are a series of factors that will make these accounts simply not come out.


Like many other online casino techniques and strategies, Martingale does not work in roulette . We know that we may be proving unpopular with this, but at Casino Barcelona we always want to give you the best information so you can play safely. If you thought that you could ensure good results just by using this technique well, it is better that you forget this idea immediately.

One of the dangers of the Martingale is that it has the appearance of being a working system . Many users are convinced that it is a winning strategy because it is very easy to stay within their system. To do this, you just have to make more bets when you lose and with that you will recover the above. This maxim of the Martingale is totally false , as we have seen, however much its theory would lead you to think that you win a unit each time the ball stops on your number. Apparently, it all depends on the speed with which you play, but we have already seen that this is not the case at all and that the risks are high.

As we have seen, that supposed recovery of all your losses when you make a profit has not taken into account several factors that end up being decisive for the final result of your spins. Let’s say that the Martingale creates a false appearance of security when using it, but that cannot make the player believe that it will be easy to win because nothing is further from the truth.

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