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How To Study Football Matches For Betting?

Soccer is the most present sport in the offer of betting platforms, since in these there is always an updated calendar, divided by series, leagues and countries. But there are also promotions such as bonuses reserved for major international competitions -from the Champions League to the World Cup- and, often, news, since now on the best betting site there is no shortage of news, updates and even live streaming from the stadium.

The choice of one or several platforms among the best bookmakers. It is an important previous decision before sitting down to study the game. The first thing to do is make sure that the chosen operator has a DGOJ license: to verify this, the official logo of the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling must be present on the home page of the site, often at the bottom right, along with the PlayWELL symbol and other tax information. To consult the sports calendar most of the time it is not necessary to be registered on the web, but to place a bet on soccer, once decided, the user must fill out a registration form and send an identity document that certifies the majority old, even if you choose to use a no deposit bonus, or open a game account just to test how it works.

Selection of the right League

That said, the choice of the league or the match to bet on is essential: these are listed in the special section of the website dedicated to football, divided by categories (Series A, Series B, Champions League, etc. ) and updated daily, with information on the date, time and place of the match and possible postponements. A first view of all the leagues and matchdays is very useful to avoid betting without taking into account the real chances of winning.

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What is the importance of the Odds of favorites?

In general, the outcome of the matches is more predictable in competitions in which two teams of different levels face each other, such as national cups, than in lower divisions, such as Serie B, where there is less disparity in performance and they enter Many other variables come into play.

In general, if the odds for a team at the top of the leaderboard are low, there is a better chance of making a winning bet because the result is predictable, but don’t forget the surprise effect, which is usually just around the corner. corner, and it’s one of the reasons that makes football so exciting.

Studying the Game: the time factor

Studying a match is not as easy as it seems, and even the most predictable predictions can go wrong unexpectedly, because there are so many things to consider.

First of all, the period of the season can have a great influence on the outcome of a match: during the football market , players who are about to change teams may be less motivated and already thrown towards joining the new team. , just as, at the end of the championship, the relegated and promoted teams can be affected by the psychological factor, between those who no longer have anything to lose and those who rest on their laurels.

In the short term, even before and after the game, the two teams are important to have a complete vision of the physical and psychological state of the players, on possible disqualifications or yellow cards, but also on the tactical scheme that is sometimes anticipated in the coach’s pre-match statements.

However, by “weather” we can also understand the weather forecast, since the conditions of the field of play can play a trick on even the most experienced players, especially if some athletes have returned to the field after a recent injury or are not in the best moment of his physical form.

At home or away: The stadium can make the difference

If the weather is important, the stadium is too: the energy of the fans at home and away games often drives a team that is not favored by the forecasts to give their best, so as not to disappoint the odds. public expectations and encourage fans to be loyal to their favorite team.

This also applies to friendlies in which two teams with an obvious level difference face each other, such as a Serie A team playing away against a second division team playing at home: motivation and tenacity in the field can go beyond all logic and overturn even the most reliable forecasts.

Consulting the latest Classifications

The analysis of a match to decide which bet to make should also be considered in the medium term, and in this case it is useful to consult the classifications and the direct confrontations, on specialized soccer sites or directly from the betting platform.

In order to have a good overview, useful to understand the latest game dynamics and the health of a team, it is enough to review the last 5 games played, and the last 2 direct confrontations of the season: so surely you have analyzed the situation well , without complicating the analysis with other data that is not relevant to the objective of the bet.

The intermediate evaluation combined with the pre-match evaluation is the best strategy to gather all the necessary factors for a bet studied in detail and not improvised.

Other Elements: The arbitrator and the context of the company

Until now we have talked about the performance of the players and the general performance of the team, who are the true protagonists of the match. The referee’s name and company dynamics—such as a possible sale of shares or an impending change of ownership—also help create the context of a match.

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