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What Types Of Bonuses Are There In The Bookmakers?

With few exceptions, all bookmakers are willing to offer a bonus to potential new customers and regular customers as the main loyalty measure. In this highly competitive market, choosing the best provider has a lot to do with it. The offer is great and each of the following bonuses has its own special features, which one should be aware of.

This bonus is awarded to the customer on several occasions and is usually equivalent to a credit gift. However, the payment of a bonus is usually linked to certain conditions. Usually, these conditions have to be fulfilled before a payment.

One of the bookmaker bonuses is, without a doubt, the bonus for new clients, which is usually reserved in the player’s account after opening the account, depending on the amount of the first deposit. However, this bonus only applies to the first enrollment with a provider. In addition, there are other domestic and international bonuses that current customers can claim from time to time, depending on the provider. To make sure you don’t miss out on a bonus, you’ll usually receive a corresponding email notification.

As already mentioned, the classic new client bonus is usually based on the amount of the first account deposit and is also used as a synonym for new client bonus. Many providers offer a rebate of at least 50% or 100% of the first payment. For example, if a provider offers a 100% bonus and you deposit €100 after your first registration, you can start with a balance of €200. It must be taken into account that a limit is established for the amount of the bonus, which for many providers is 100 euros.

Free bet

There is an overlap here, because the free bet is offered to both new and existing customers. Some providers offer new customers a bonus in the form of a free bet as a presentation gift. It is important to note that if a free bet is won, only the net win can be withdrawn. The advantage is that there is no risk with the free bet.

Cash Back Bonus

Normally, the amount of a bet that has not been won is returned. Some providers offer this bonus to new customers as a welcome gift. Open a new account, make a deposit and place a bet. The cashback bonus is based on this bet. Due to the cashback, there is no risk for the player here either.

Mobile bonus

With the triumph of mobile phones and tablets, the Internet has become increasingly important. Of course, the bookmakers have also noticed this and offer the entire range in a mobile version through a mobile application. As a thank you for downloading the app, an individual bonus is offered.

Reload bonus

The deposit bonus is usually offered to new customers. The reload bonus, also called a reactivation bonus, works in principle in the same way as the first deposit bonus. The only difference is that it is also offered to existing customers to reward them for their loyalty or to motivate existing passive customers to try their luck again.

Combined bet bonus

Some online betting and casinos offer a kind of “insurance” for combined bets. The playing conditions differ from one provider to another, but in principle they always work according to the same scheme. For example, you select a certain number of football matches for a combined bet and if you lose your bet due to a single wrong information on the ticket, your bet is returned to you. This is perceived by many as very fair and customer friendly and is therefore gladly taken advantage of.

Bonus for referring a friend

As is known in many walks of life, bookmakers also offer numerous bonuses to attract new customers . If you refer a friend or acquaintance, you can expect a free bonus with some providers, as is normal in many areas of the economy. With these types of promotions, you can secure yourself a referral customer bonus, which of course is also paid out in real money after meeting certain conditions.

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