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How To Win Money In Online Casinos?

Any casino player knows that the chance to win money is elusive. Before, land-based casinos had to maintain their operating expenses and optimize the space occupied by their machines, so profit returns were not promising. But times have changed, and the big draw to online casinos is the ability to win real money prizes at the click of a button. Now they can access titles with up to 99% RTP and play for hours from the comfort of their home!

If you want to try your luck, you can increase your chances of winning money in online casinos by following some suggestions. Of course, chance will always play a leading role when playing, but that doesn’t mean you can apply strategies and choose wisely! Become an expert player with our tips, and enjoy your gaming sessions while you accumulate funds.

Tips to win in online casinos

Regardless of whether you like slots, card games or going to the sports betting section, the idea is always to use your knowledge of betting to your advantage:

  • Some games give you the flexibility to test strategies by calculating the odds between plays. This is very common with card games like blackjack or poker. On the internet you can find probability tables simulating hundreds of possible scenarios depending on the cards played. Learning when to keep pushing or fold from the round can make a huge difference to your bottom line.
  • In the case of table games, you can put your strategies into practice at demo tables and readjust them by the time you decide to bet with your money. Of course, the credits you get from playing for fun can’t be withdrawn, but practice makes perfect.
  • Along these same lines, take advantage of the demo versions of the new slots if you do not know their mechanics. For example, maybe you like titles with multipliers or want to prioritize progressive jackpots. It may also be that you like a specific software provider, so you can play for fun in order to evaluate its mechanics or potential earnings. Some games have the perfect combination of strategy and chance, so it doesn’t hurt to practice!
  • Prefer slots with high RTP and high volatility, as this ensures that you will be able to get more frequent winning combinations. Better if you can access progressive jackpot slots, as the amount will always increase no matter how much you play.
  • Look for casinos with low minimum deposits, so you can test their services and grow your winnings over time. The best casinos with a minimum deposit of 5 euros are perfect to start trying your luck, and you can find reviews of these casinos in Casinority Spain.
  • Play only at legitimate casinos so you can make sure their titles or tables are honest and not rigged. Many online casinos publish the RTP or return to player of their games in order to make transparent the volatility and potential profits. If you play at a casino without licenses you are risking losing all your funds to a scam! Prioritize playing in a casino with a minimum deposit of €5 if you are just starting out in this world.
  • Use the bonuses and promotions that the casino offers you! The industry is extremely competitive and new online casinos have to compete against the old ones to attract their players. In this context, signup incentives can give you the push you need to earn real money.
  • Check if the casino offers any loyalty program to play. So you can unlock prizes or promotions that increase your chances of winning real money.


Even with all these suggestions, you will have to fall back on your instincts to apply our tips on how to win at an online casino. Take your time testing different platforms, you don’t need to be tied to just one online casino. Responsible gambling should not be neglected either, as it can wreak havoc on your finances and other aspects of your life. The most important thing when playing is to have fun!

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