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How To Invest In The Online Casino App Industry

The online casino market has changed incredibly over the past few years. Around the year 2000 the online casino industry started offering online casinos with casino games on the internet. In the beginning there were only slots and slot machines.

20 years later live casinos and live games are available today. It has recently become possible to play games of chance in Austria on mobile phones. The so-called casino apps have become indispensable on the smartphone. Because the boom in online casino games is increasingly moving in the direction of mobile gaming.

What are online casino apps?

But before we talk about how to invest in an online casino, we have to take a look at how an internet casino or an app is actually structured. This is the only way for you as an investor to find out which are the top casinos in which you can invest your real money. Most new online casinos offer so-called apps that you can download onto your smartphone. This is a so-called casino app!

There you have the opportunity to use real money and play slot machines or live casino games, for example. All this happens directly on your mobile phone via app. In other words, you have to go to the App Store or Google Play Store download and install an appropriate app.

It is particularly important that you only look for reputable online casinos that offer these apps. Unfortunately, there are always black sheep at Internet casinos who want to get your money with the help of software. Therefore, it is advisable to only download online casino apps that have a good rating and are monitored and licensed by a gambling organization such as the Malta Gaming Authority.

Difference between real money apps and social casino apps

The online gambling apps are also available in two different variants. Because on the one hand you have so-called real money apps and on the other hand there are social casino apps. As the name Real Money App suggests, real money is required to play here. In other words, you bet real money and can win real money again. However, the so-called social casino apps are only about play money. You still have the choice to play all casino games, such as blackjack, roulette or jackpot machines, but in the end you only win points.

Both variants are available in the different app stores. You have to know for yourself which one you choose. Below we have created a table for you that shows some differences.

Real money casino app

  • Casino Bonus: Welcome Bonus & other bonuses for the first deposit
  • Game offer: Famous games like Book of Dead or Book of Ra are available
  • How to play?: You need to deposit money to pla
  • Registration: You must create an account in order to play

Social casino app

  • No bonuses await you here
  • There is not all online gambling
  • Playing is free
  • You can play directly

How to invest

Now that we have cleared up the most important things, let’s take a look at how to invest in an online casino or casino app. Here, too, you need to know a few things in advance! It is not possible to invest directly in an online casino. Because most casinos are not traded on any stock exchange.

You can’t invest directly in casino apps either! But there is a way to indirectly invest in the casino apps. You can invest in the software manufacturers who develop the games. These software manufacturers are mostly listed companies and therefore you can buy the shares of these companies. If the gambling business is going well, the software manufacturers will also benefit from it.

Which companies are market leaders?

Below we would like to show you some top software companies to invest your money in. These are reputable companies that have been on the gambling market for a long time.

Evolution Gaming Group

One of the largest software manufacturers is the Evolution Gaming Group. The stock is traded here on the stock exchange. Currently the price for a share of the Evolution Gaming Group is €109.56. The Evolution Gaming Group includes various software manufacturers, which we have shown you in the following list.

  • Evolution
  • Netent
  • Red Tigers
  • Big Time Gaming
  • Emugi


playtech is the largest software manufacturer in the online casino industry. Currently more than 6400 employees work there in 24 different countries. The company holds 170 different global licenses for online games. The share price is currently €8.45 per share.


LeoVegasis a Swedish company, which is also listed on the stock exchange. The price there is currently €3.25 per share. The software developer creates mobile games as well as online casino games and sports betting.


The gambling business will never die out as long as mankind exists! That’s why it’s a good investment if you can invest your money there. The various software manufacturers offer different share packages that can be purchased. So you can take a closer look at a company’s portfolio and then buy a share depending on your mood. Due to the corona pandemic, the shares of online casino games manufacturers have risen rapidly.

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