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How To Safely Choose The Best Online Casino With Bonuses

The competition between sites offering gambling for money is constantly increasing. And users benefit from this – the projects literally fight for customers and offer loyal conditions casinos without a 1 euro limit or high bonuses, thanks to which you can play without investments. The second big advantage is the gradual crowding out of the market of low-quality websites and retailers. The centralized system of software procurement has made such companies impossible to exist. However, that doesn’t mean that all slots or card simulator sites are the same. This makes the choice even more complicated – apart from the main criteria of casino quality and security, you also have to examine and consider small but important details.

Most important criteria for choosing an online casino

The main criterion for choosing a casino is still the presence of a license. This can be a permit issued in the EU or in another country – the main thing is that you have one. The basic requirements for casinos are similar across most regulators:

  • Cooperation only with licensed producers and the obligation to return at least the percentage of the investment required by law;
  • Compliance with all agreements set out in the User Agreement and additional clauses related to promotions;
  • Verifying the identity of players, registering users who are at least 18 years old and appearing under their real name, verification of their documents;
  • Prevention of financial manipulation and money laundering by casinos;
  • Clean financial transactions, no hidden fees and compliance with deadlines for processing applications, as well as guarantees of the safety of funds in accounts;
  • Maintaining the technical operability of the project, eliminating access problems and disruptions to functionality.

The most important points of the user agreement

The presence of bonuses is a good indicator, but by no means the most important. The main selection criterion, even more important than a license, is the opportunity to play and make money at a particular casino. The problem could be a ban on registration on the site for residents of certain countries. Otherwise, an outright ban may be disguised by a mandatory offer to show ID at a particular bank, as is common practice in some European countries. Before signing up and investing, you should make sure that there are no reasons for account cancellation. It is the player’s sole responsibility to abide by the User Agreement – if illegal accounts are detected, the administration has the right to ban the account,

Additional criteria for choosing the best online casino

When choosing a casino, you should keep in mind that many of the rules that do not break the law can be set by the casino administration itself. This applies both to financial relations and to politics in general. The casino has the right to choose which payment systems to work with and which ones to renounce, what is the minimum deposit amount and whether to offer a multi-currency account within the system. Some of the functions may be considered insignificant, but with constant use of the site they can prove inconvenient – it has been proven that the user who has to mentally convert the bet amounts in foreign currencies into the domestic currency is less attentive. He just can’t calculate exactly how much money he has available and with which stakes he has to play. The fact that you cannot bet in euros can also affect profitability, as the bank may charge additional fees for selling currencies when withdrawing money.

You should pay attention not to the most important, but to the most important conditions:

  • The number of financial instruments for transactions;
  • The speed of processing withdrawal requests;
  • Withdrawal and deposit limits, monthly and daily limits;
  • Possibility of withdrawing the funds immediately after replenishment, reversal of an erroneous payment.

Questions that are not answered in the User Agreement or in the “Popular” section of the website should be directed to the support team. You can also find out how quickly and competently the technical support reacts.

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