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Install PS3 controller on PC

PC or console? Often the decision, especially in gaming, is mainly due to the control options. If you are used to the controller of the PS3, you can also use it on the PC. With the right drivers, the controller is set up quickly so that you can also control your games on the PC with the controller.

Classic console games are often also available for the PC. Sometimes these are simple portings. But regardless of that, console gamers miss one thing above all on the PC: the professional controller of a games console. This is a problem that does not have to be, at least in the case of the PS3 controller, because with the right drivers, the PS3 controller can be easily connected to the PC via USB cable and also used in the games on the PC – provided they support one Control by controller.

What do I need to do to use the PS3 controller on the PC?

First and foremost, of course, you need a PS3 controller with a USB cable, because nothing works without it. You also need the appropriate MotioninJoy driver . Be sure to download the correct drivers for your system. Depending on whether you use a 32- or 64-bit operating system, you need different driver variants.

What do I do with the drivers?

Once you have downloaded the driver file (this comes as a ZIP or RAR archive), extract it with WinRAR or an alternative freeware and then run the setup file. As a rule, this installs the software in the path C:\Programs\MotioninJoy\ds3 – leave it in this directory.

Once the installation is complete, connect your PS3 controller to your computer via USB. Wait a moment for Windows to recognize the controller. Regardless of which controller is connected, Windows always tries to provide its own driver. If you wait a moment, so will you. The Windows driver is installed, the controller is connected, but the wrong driver does not make it work. This is perfectly normal, so continue reading our guide.

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How do I activate the controller with correct drivers?

Now click on the start button and select “MotioninJoy” under programs and then “Install USB Driver Right”. Right-click the latter option and run the application as an administrator.

It will take a moment for the application to start and install the correct drivers. When the installation is complete, you should get a “SUCCESS” message. If it does not appear, the driver installation fails.

Now press the PS button on your controller to wake it up from sleep mode. Then go to the “Devices and Printers” area by clicking on “Start”. Once the window opens, select “Game Controllers” from there.

A window will open again. This shows you the reactions as soon as you press a button. You have already cleared the biggest hurdles during the installation.

How can I use the controller now?

Finally, all you have to do is choose the right profile. To do this, click on “Start” again and select DS3 TOOL under the programs in the “MotioninJoy” directory.

Here you can now choose from four available profiles and make vibration settings. The profiles provided are as follows:

Digital gamepad

The functionality of this profile is comparable to that of the PS1 controller and is therefore particularly suitable for football games.

Analog gamepad1

This profile is most comparable to the PS2 controller and is one of the most commonly used profile variants.

Analog gamepad2

With this profile variant, the settings are similar to those of an XBOX 360 controller, which is particularly advantageous for racing games.

Analog gamepad3

This is a rarely used profile, but it is similar to the Analog Gamepad2 and has been enhanced with motion sensors.

Finally, the other special settings available include “Enable Vibrations”, which allows you to activate or deactivate the vibration feedback of the controller.

Once you have chosen your settings, confirm them. After that, nothing stands in the way of your gaming pleasure via the PS3 controller.

Controller not working?

Have you installed the driver correctly, but the controller still refuses to function? This is where it becomes problematic, as there are a number of possible sources of error.

You should rule out the simplest trouble spots first: Did you unplug the PS3 controller from the PC and plug it back into a different USB port? If this is the case, you need to set up the driver again. As soon as Windows recognizes the controller again, the MotioninJoy driver is immediately overwritten, which also explains why the controller no longer functions.

It is also annoying that the driver has to be installed again when the PC is restarted. So if you have restarted your PC after a long gaming session, you must also reinstall the driver. However, since this is relatively quick, it shouldn’t hold you up for long.

The last major hurdle may be Windows itself. Here it can happen that the installation of an alternative driver is refused because it is not signed. In the startup options (press F8 when booting) you can disable the signature.

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