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Interesting Facts About Online Casinos

More people do it in the evening to relax and have fun, more and more pages are popped up from the ground: we’re not talking about Netflix, but about the many providers of online casinos. Since this is a relatively new and innovative way of playing, there are many interesting and extraordinary facts about it that most of the readers of our site should not be aware of.

Why The Online Casino Is So Attractive To Many

First, however, we would like to briefly explain why the online casino is so interesting for many people. On the one hand, this is due to the satisfaction of the gambling instinct, after all, you can play so comfortably from your home laptop or PC without having to dress up and go to the local casino. And that’s not all: users can also win money online and thus earn a little pocket money. So it is not surprising that the industry in question is still growing strongly. As early as 2015, sales of 200 billion euros were generated worldwide, with a growth rate of nine percent per year – so a booming industry.

The Legal Situation

As far as the legal part is concerned, online casinos are quite interesting. From a legal point of view, online gambling is in a gray area in Germany – that is also the reason why so many of the casinos abroad are licensed. So if you are interested in trying the game yourself, you shouldn’t be surprised if the online casinos get their licenses from Malta and Gibraltar.

The Variety Of Games

In fact, quite a few online casinos now offer a lot more than just a few games to keep their customers engaged. After all, the growing market also presents them with growing challenges; it is no longer enough to just provide standard games. The advantage for the players is, of course, that they can all live out their preferences in terms of blackjack, poker and roulette – in many different casinos.

It is of course clear that diversity is one of the absolute selection criteria for players when they choose a particular portal for their hobby.

What Really Counts On The Pages

Of course, users should always make sure that their online casinos are reputable. The following applies: the larger the pages are and the more players use them, the more likely it is that they are also reputable. Large providers in particular simply cannot afford to alienate customers with a lack of seriousness.

There are of course a few criteria that can be used for detection. On the one hand, the provider should always have access to an SSL-secured connection, on the other hand, it is of absolute importance that the pages offer as many different payment methods as possible. PayPal should be one of the absolute standards – after all, players must always be able to deposit money or have their winnings withdrawn.

As if that weren’t enough, the sites should always have decent support. Ideally, there are not just a few Frequently Asked Questions available here. Instead, e-mail support should be available – and in the best case, contact options by phone. After all, this is about money, so any issues should be addressed quickly.

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The So-called Bonuses

Bonuses are one of the absolute advantages of online casinos and can often be similar to gifts of money. What are the bonuses? Well, there are actually two different types of bonuses. Some serve primarily to inspire potential customers for an online casino – for example by promising an entry-level payment bonus that promises the first potential winnings. Other bonuses, on the other hand, are mainly used to keep existing customers and are then distributed over time. For all new customers and customers, it is important here carefully to compare and consider what benefits they would like to take.

Costs And Fees

Many are also not aware that online casinos have their costs and fees and that they are not completely free to use. The minimum stakes are not free everywhere – that is, in some online casinos betting is only possible from certain amounts. In addition, there may be occasional costs for withdrawing winnings. In most cases, however, these are rather low and easy to pay.

There Is No Such Thing As The Perfect Online Casino!

Many players have the dream of THE perfect online casino that fulfills all their wishes and is perfectly tailored to them. However, the fact is that there is not objectively the best online casino around. Instead, there are at most individual solutions that work particularly well. After all, someplace more value on a variety of payment options, while others find a larger number of different games more important.


All in all, online casinos are a very interesting affair that is worth trying out and finding out for yourself whether they can offer the individual person real added value

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