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Is It True That Casinos Are Teeming With Retirees?

A few years ago, coaches of retirees headed to the Casino talked about it, and even Enrico Lucci had made service at Le Irene. Then Lucci had boarded that same bus, collecting the stories of gentlemen and ladies, listening to the stories and motivations. The service was long, moving at times, and certainly changed the minds of many who looked at these trips with disdain and scandal. Whether the destination was Nova Gorica or Campione changed little, onboard the bus, many older people set foot on board became children headed for the Land of Toys.

Casinos certainly promoted cheap travel, offering unlimited buffets and other perks for profit. Still, it was one of those nights that are then talked about for weeks for the group of seniors. A waste of money? For some, perhaps it could be so. Still, the fact is that, as witnessed by Lucci, despite the losses, most of the elderly said they were satisfied with the experience, amused, happy to have made that trip in the company, although the games are a bargain. Individuals whose strategies are top secret.

How do casino trips work?

Once a month, some of the most famous casinos organize bus departures at affordable prices, offering promotions and unlimited buffets. The buses pass through the closest Italian regions, through the main cities, gathering members on average over 70 per agreement. At each stop, the grandparents with their best clothes and in the company of some friends of the town are there, even in advance, ready and excited to live their “good” night.

After having stretched a bit, they arrived at their destination, entering the gaming rooms, each ready to apply the system or strategy that “this time will work,” with the budget for the evening in their pocket. The children would rather be at home watching some movies or having dinner out, but they don’t care because most of them know that there is only one life and time passes quickly. The bus remains parked outside the Casino for grandparents to use if they feel tired and want to go back to sleep.

At the time set for the departure, pensioners are called back on board to go home, with their pockets more or less empty. Someone is tired and happy, and it’s time to go back. Someone else snorts because they still wanted to play a little. In any case, within a few hours, we are all home.

An intoxicating and different experience, even at home

These kinds of experiences should not be condemned, not if there is control by family members and if the elderly are entrusted to safe and reliable companies. These kinds of releases are pure fun, although it does not turn out as it should or as hoped for. If a child, let’s say, invests in going to Gardaland and have fun, and older person has the right to have fun in this way. The elderly have much more self-control than one might imagine and the statistics relating to the age groups affected by a gambling addiction are tangible proof of this.

With the closure of many physical casinos, we find groups of seniors who dedicate themselves to online gaming, always regularly and using technological tools that no one would think they can use. Playing with hen slots is a bit like being in a real casino: the graphics and the quality of the services are, in fact, impeccable. Being an ADM casino, it is also possible to rest assured about the security of sensitive data, the fairness of the games, and the restrictions regarding bets.

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