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New Trends In Online Casino Technology

The technologies and their improvements have impacted several businesses of global financial importance, one of which is the online gambling market. Casino and sports betting sites have increased their revenue gradually over the last 20 years and have reached a phenomenal profit

Mobile technology

The mobile casino has improved its usage rates in the global market in recent years and is set to earn more than $50 billion by 2022. Furthermore, 1 in 20 smartphone users use their mobile to play games of chance and it is expected that this number will double in the next five years. And although the most exciting and innovative function at the moment is the mobile live casino , much more news is expected with the popularization of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is reshaping the online gaming industry with the opportunities it creates in terms of transparency of the personal data protection and identity verification procedure. The same technology is so widespread that it is available on virtually every current legal website and is dedicated to protecting players against malpractice in the industry by ensuring the privacy of each player’s personal information.

Virtual reality and augmented reality games

Innovations in the world of standard multiplayer gaming have carried over to online gambling and the most recent example is virtual reality and augmented reality which more and more casinos are offering for a limited number of games. With them, users have never-before-presented gaming angles available at their sight and feel fully immersed in the gaming world.

The biggest disadvantage of virtual reality and augmented reality games today is that they require the purchase of additional equipment that is still quite expensive for the player. However, exactly these technologies are going to shape the future of the world of online gaming and it is only a matter of time before prices come down and virtual and augmented gaming becomes as commonplace as mobile gaming.

Portable applications

In addition to placing bets via mobile phone, smartwatch casino gaming is becoming a major industry trend. Smartwatches have grown in popularity over the last five years and are now proving to be a more accessible and convenient option for online casino gaming.

According to industry experts, the global smartwatch market will be worth more than $30 billion by 2023, and online gambling will be a major part of this huge growth. That shows that this portable technology will continue to grow in the coming year, with more online casino game software developers creating new games that can be integrated across all devices.


The option to customize your game through special bonus rounds or with promotions specifically designed for the user is a benefit that has become popular in recent years, reaching its peak during the pandemic. The increasing number of casinos available on the web stimulates the creation of personal offers to attract and retain new players to the brand. These promotions range from no deposit bonus offers to loyalty and VIP clubs.

Personalization turns the gaming experience into a purely individual experience. The recent activity is saved in the software of the pages prompting the player to review his latest actions, his available bonuses, his list of preferred games, etc. Welcome messages and the availability of a 24/7 support team make users feel truly welcome at online casinos.

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