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Best Blackjack Strategies To Win In 2023

Knowing the rules well, the possible strategies to follow and a good dose of fortune are fundamental factors in the development of the game.

This popularity is largely due to the fact that, even though it is necessary to know the rules well and have some knowledge about the possible strategies to follow , luck continues to be a fundamental factor in the development of the game. The final objective is none other than to add the number of 21 with the cards, or get as close as possible without going overboard. Something that may seem relatively simple, but that requires strategy, as well as a good dose of fortune .

In recent years Live Streaming technology, with real flesh and blood dealers , has been incorporated into the world of online blackjack, although casinos with a Spanish license are not yet authorized to offer it in their portfolio of live dealer games (only the roulette for the moment).

The rules

Each card in the deck has the value of the number they show. The exceptions are the Ace (it can be worth 1 or 11 points), and the so-called figures (J, Q and K) that are each worth 10 points. Each player at the blackjack table is actually playing against the dealer or dealer, not the other players.

The game begins with the dealer dealing 2 face up cards to each player and 2 cards to himself. Of the 2 dealer cards , one of them will be face down and the other face up in full view of the players. Then the player must decide if he asks for another card or if he stands with the cards he has obtained in the deal.

Strategies for playing blackjack

Good luck plays a key role in the outcome of a game, but there are several guidelines to take note of. The basic strategy would be based on the purest laws of probability and statistics .

“It is clear that our goal when playing blackjack should be to win as many hands as possible. To do this, and at the same time, our goal should be to maximize our profits (for example, doubling the bet when we consider it appropriate ), reducing the probability of going over 21 with the cards, and knowing when we should retire in a hand or when not to double the bet in order to be in a position to minimize our possible losses”, is detailed in the aforementioned guide.

Analyze the dealer’s cards

The basic strategy in the game of blackjack consists of knowing how to analyze the dealer ‘s cards . If his first card has a value between 2 and 6, the mathematical probability that he will go over 21 with the second card would be only 35%. On the other hand, if your first card has a value of 7 to Ace, the chances of you winning the hand with a value of 7 to 20 with the second card go up to 40%, a very high percentage in the game of blackjack.

It is then when our strategy must be based on our cards but, very important, also on those of the dealer. These are the possible scenarios :

  • Stand if our hand exceeds 12 and the dealer has a card from 2 to 6.
  • Stand if our hand goes from 17 to 20 (regardless of the dealer’s card).
  • Ask for a card if we have cards from 17 to 20, and the dealer’s card goes from 7 to Ace.
  • Double the hand when the dealer has a card from 2 to 6.
  • Split the hand if the dealer has a card from 2 to 6.

All these possible blackjack strategies are based on the purest arithmetic probability, but it is necessary to remember at all times the importance of the luck factor in the development of the game.

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