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Poker Tournaments: Meaning And The Different Types

The ability to test your skills in a game of poker makes the game very interesting. However, doing so in a poker tournament against your opponents is even more exciting. After all, poker tournaments are fast-paced and intense. In fact, they can be overwhelming, especially for those who don’t know where to begin.

As a result, there is a need to acquaint yourself with poker tournaments, how it works, and the different types you can engage in. Poker tournaments are quite popular and this attract lots of players from different corners of the globe to enjoy.

In this guide, we will take a look at the different types of poker tournaments you can take part in. Keep reading this page to learn more. You can choose which one works better for you.

Different Types of Poker Tournaments

With poker tournaments, you have the perfect stage to show off your poker skills while winning some interesting prizes. There are so many tournaments you can take part in. It is important that you know the one that works best for you and this section will discuss the different types of poker tournaments.

Multi-buy tournament

For those who love taking up a challenge, this is a good tournament to play in. This tournament also encourages the use of multiple stacks. You can register your multiple stacks when the tournament begins. This offers you more chips to play with while also boosting the game’s playability from the beginning.

Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

The number of players in a tournament has a significant effect on the prize pool. However, it can prove difficult to determine the number of players that can join a specific tournament. Some players might be unwilling to join a tournament if they feel like the prize pool is too small, relative to the buy-in. In such a case, a guaranteed poker tournament can be important. The poker platform provides a guarantee to make up the difference if enough players cannot take part. For a minimum investment, you can boost your bankroll as you make your way to the top.

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Freezeout tournament

Freezeout tournaments are some of the most popular types of poker tournaments. In this case, players pay their buy-in and get chips and play until they run out. There is no form of rebuy into the tournament. Once a player runs out of chips, the game is over.

You will find this type of poker tournament available on many top platforms. The best ones will also offer the best bonuses. Click here for a bet365 bonus code no deposit offer to learn more. These offers can boost your chances of winning. It is worth exploring!


This boasts some differences from freezeout tournaments. In this format, players can buy more chips for a specific period, especially at the start of the tournament. During the rebuy period, your chips can get exhausted. When this happens, you can purchase more chips. When the rebuy period draws to a close, players can purchase extra chips for a final time. Then, the tournament continues as a freezeout once the rebuy period ends.

Freeroll tournament

As the name implies, these tournaments are free to enter. There is no need for players to invest in their pocket before they can participate in this tournament. Yet, there are rewards for winning. However, some freeroll tournaments might require certain payment at some point for entry.A freeroll hand involves a player being guaranteed to at least split the pot with his opponent. This offers them a good chance of winning the whole pot. This happens if specific final cards are dealt. Many top casino platforms offer this poker tournament.

Bounty Tournaments

These are also regarded as knock-out tournaments. This is quite popular among poker players. In bounty tournaments, you win a specific amount of money for every player they knock out. This could range from 20% to 50% of their buy-in. For those who are new to poker, you should get more information on poker hand rankings. This tournament also offers an opportunity to hone your skills.

Satellite tournaments

If you wish to play for your share of the massive prizes that poker tournaments offer, but you are unable to afford the huge buy-in, then satellite tournaments provide a solution. It is possible to enter a tournament with a low amount of buy-in. Once you emerge as a winner, your buy-in to more expensive tournaments will be paid for by the poker room, rather than offering cash prizes.


Poker tournaments offer the chance to test your skills against the best players. By learning the different types of tournaments that are available, you can make the right decision on the best tournament you should engage in.

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