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Qatar Will Use Drones To Protect Stadiums At The World Cup

A lot will be different at the Winter World Cup in the desert state of Qatar. The host relies on the latest technology in various areas and wants to show himself from his best side. Not only the new offside technique “Robot Linesman” is used, which semi-automatically helps with offside decisions. Qatar is also relying on something new to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Drones are to be used to protect the stadium from outside interference.

In the course of preparing for the big event, the Qatar Interior Ministry announced that it had struck a deal with Fortem Technologies. Based in Utah, USA, the company is one of the market leaders in drone-to-drone defense. The company’s unmanned aerial drones are capable of using nets to fend off certain categories of drones. Among others, the Iranian-made Shaded 136 drone can also be intercepted by the Fortem Technologies system. While Qatar has positioned itself as a politically neutral country, the government is doing everything it can to make the World Cup run as smoothly as possible. The stadiums are to be protected from attacks during the games with the “protective drones” of American design.

According to current information, there is no terrorist threat. The use of drones is purely a precautionary measure and may be related to marketing reasons. It’s understandable that the host country is using the latest security technology, but Qatar has other concerns. The discussion about human rights in the country doesn’t stop and the actual tournament clearly recedes into the background in this country. In Germany, the sports washing that Qatar is doing will certainly not bear fruit.

In addition to reporting on the DFB team, the press in this country will focus on the points of criticism. So far, the actual team has been given very little attention in the preliminary reports. The squad nomination , which held a few surprises, was also less of a topic than in previous tournaments. In addition, little is said about the chances of the team. Germany could definitely play a big role in the World Cup. The football experts see teams like Brazil, France and Argentina as absolute favourites, but the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar could well be the tournament where the favorites fail early. The special circumstances, which will certainly also be omnipresent for the players and their families in the host country, could have an impact on the performances of the individual teams.

For the national teams it is important to express themselves critically about the problems in Qatar, but also not to cross any red lines. At the same time, the pros have to get together mentally with their team and internalize complex team tactical processes in the extraordinarily short preparation. No wonder some experts rely on outsiders. Thanks to the latest security technology in the air and on the ground, the players and teams can ignore one fear – attacks, assaults and assaults are not to be expected.

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