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Red Bet Strategy, An Alternative To Bet

When translating the name of this strategy, it is clear to us that it is focused on the red bet. And this Why silk?

Well, because, statistically speaking, it is known that a greater number of players when choosing the color to bet mainly lean towards red.

Now, while this foundation is not very strong for many, it is still worth knowing and trying this strategy. To do so, you must read the following points:

  • Initially, the bet value must be set, in such a way that it allows doubling it in the case of losing.
  • So, you put your first bet on red and you lose, then you must double it on the next spin at the same time that you place a bet on black, but this remains constant in the event that your main bet (that is, on red) loses again.

The operation of the Red bet Strategy is really simple, so it is worth applying it, even in the free game, to be able to show its results as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Strategy details

In addition to being clear about its operation, it is important that you know other details of this strategy. For example:

  • You must be very clear that with this strategy you can maintain the chance of winning and recovering what you lost as you increase your bet.
  • Now, clearly the Red bet Strategy is not infallible and is that in the case of very extensive losing streaks they can lead you to spend a lot of money by doubling your bet, although with the bet on black you can compensate a little.
  • You should also know that when applying this strategy it is best to do it in a variation that is convenient for your game, such as French or European roulette, which are only 0 and therefore the risk of the box coming out. Green is less than the game with 0 and 00. Also, if the rule in Prison is active then your losses may also be reduced.

At the end of the day, and to make the application of this strategy very clear, we must present you a brief example:

  • You are going to start your bet by placing one euro on red. If you win, then you start again with a 1 euro bet, but if you lose what you must do is double your bet to red, 2 euros, and you will also put a euro on black.
  • If in this turn it comes out black, you will have won 1 euro, but you will have lost 2, leaving a negative balance of 1 euro. If red falls you will have 2 euros of profit, but since you have lost 1 with the bet on black, then the balance will be only 1 euro of profit, with which you recover the euro you lost at the beginning.

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