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Most Common Numbers In Roulette

Like many online casino games, roulette has its own theories, superstitions, and myths. While some players believe that roulette is 100% based on luck, others think that some numbers are more likely to win than others. With this in mind, they believe that some numbers offer a safer bet than others.

Of course, there is no hard evidence that some numbers are better than others, or anything that officially tells you what the best numbers are for playing roulette. However, that doesn’t stop players from taking it seriously. Next, we will explore some of the most common numbers in roulette and the theories related to the best bets in roulette. Keep reading to know more!

Myths in Roulette Numbers

Like any online casino game, roulette has its own myths. The two most common myths about roulette numbers are:

Betting Strategies affect house edge and winning numbers

Unfortunately, there is no way to alter the house edge at roulette, even with the best betting strategy in the world. This means that using a strategy with the assumption that it will reduce the house edge never works. However, many people believe that strategies can increase your chances of winning and help you bet on the most common numbers on roulette wheels.

The house edge is the same in all Roulette games

Unless you are passionate about roulette, you may not be aware that the house edge varies between different types of roulette. Although it is not a big difference, American roulette has an advantage of 5.26% while the European roulette has an advantage of only 2.7%. That does not necessarily mean that European Roulette is the best variant, as many players opt for the American version. However, it is worth considering the house edge before deciding what type of roulette to play. This is also something to consider when looking for the most common numbers in roulette.

The most common numbers in Roulette

Below we explore the most common numbers in this online casino game, or what is considered the best bet for roulette.

  • Number 7: First of all, we have the number 7. It is known as the “lucky number 7”, so it is not surprising that it is a lucky number in roulette.
  • Number 17: Number 17 is right in the middle of the betting table. Because of this, many players think that it is one of the most common numbers in roulette as they believe that the ball will land on the sweet spot.
  • Numbers 23 and 24: These are also some of the most common numbers in roulette. It is said that the gaze goes naturally to them when looking at the table, so many players believe that the ball will also go to them.
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