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Sports Betting, 2021 Also Promises To Be A Record Year

Sports betting, despite the changes, 2021 also promises to be a record year.

The link between the world of sport and betting has always been vital for many. There is nothing more exciting than betting and following an event in search of a significant win.

If, until recently, having to go to a physical agency could discourage many from approaching the game, the arrival of online betting has undoubtedly helped many users to enter the world of sports betting while sitting comfortably at home or from wherever they are—using your smartphone. More and more young people are dedicated to betting, especially for the technological innovations connected to the applications and platforms of the bookmakers, as well as the desire to win. As a result, interest is growing in all new types of gambling, from live bets to handicap bets, and there are many Italians rely on the help of error correction systems to play winning predictions.

2021 looks like another record year

2021 got off to an excellent start for the betting industry. The latest numbers presented by Agripro show how the betting sector in the first six months of the year has already exceeded one billion euros in total spending, however, going to pay over 846.8 million in winnings. The highest payout percentage is recorded by online betting, which, with 88.5%, brings over 525 million euros back into people’s pockets.

We, therefore, immediately see that the world of betting is healthy, growing, and strong, especially in the online sector, which continues undeterred to snatch market shares from physical agencies. The many bonuses offered by online operators, both in the form of welcome offers and loyalty points, are certainly one of the most exciting features for those just starting to play. They often allow making some test bets without having to shell out money…

The many news in the world of betting

Despite the new rules introduced by the Italian government to limit the proliferation of foreign operators in the area, there are still many operational ones. So much competition on the market has led to many new types of bets intending to snatch users from competitors. With increasingly captivating and exciting options. From the fight to the upside on welcome bonuses, bookmakers have moved on to offering increased odds and new services such as the ability to watch the events you are betting on for free live streaming.

Football naturally remains the sport on which you bet the most, and for this reason, it is the one that has the most significant number of types of bets: from the classic 1, X, 2, we have moved on to live bets, to scorers and to the minute itself. Goals, to the total number of goals (over and under), and so on. In addition, users can bet on leagues of every category and nation, up to Icelandic women’s football. This also applies to other sports from tennis to badminton, from darts to ice hockey. And, in case the sport is not enough for you, you can also bet on who will be the next president of the United States or on many events of everyday life.

The revolution in the world of sports betting is continuing inevitably driven by the exponential increase in users and earnings but also thanks to the protection of the Italian State which, happy with the excellent tax revenues generated by the sector, wants to guarantee its growth and safety by exploiting it also to create numerous jobs in the area.

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