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How To Win At Bets: Here Are Our Tips

Placing a winning bet is the most rewarding thing for betting enthusiasts, whether experts or novice players.

Placing a winning bet is the most rewarding thing for betting enthusiasts, whether experts or novice players. But what are the best strategies to achieve this goal? Here they are summarized in ten points:

  • Find the bookmaker that best suits your needs. How to do it? By choosing the operator with the bonus that best suits your needs. Some offers, for example, provide for meeting specific wagering requirements or replaying the prize several times to be able to withdraw it as real money, during a phase known in technical jargon as “rollover.”. An ideal promotion for the most regular players. Like bookmakers, welcome bonuses are also diversified and can even be paid out in different forms. Some concern the first deposit on the newly created gaming account, the equivalent of which is given as a bonus to be added to the real money paid. Other promotions, however, provide for a partial refund of losses in the first few games. In the first case, a good amount of play must be developed to obtain the bonus, while in the second case, the so-called “cashback” helps the player not take too many risks immediately. The no deposit welcome bonus is also prevalent, which does not require any initial payment. This is a bonus that is distributed after confirming the user’s identity who has just registered on an online portal of a bookmaker after a copy of their identity document has been sent to the system. Even this type of bonus must be invested several times to be withdrawn. Still, especially for those with little experience, it represents a fantastic opportunity thanks to the possibility of playing cards without any risk or getting free spins on virtual slots (“free spins”).
  • Another criterion for selecting betting sites is that relating to odds and schedules. Each bettor can bet on existing sporting events and costume phenomena such as reality shows or talent shows. The range of choices is extensive. However, the football section generally remains the preferred section in the continual expansion of bookmakers’ schedules. There are also many types of bets allowed: in addition to the classic signs 1, X and 2, relating to the match results, it is possible to predict the exact outcome of a match, the number of goals scored, the name of a scorer. An expulsion or any other specific details. A good bookmaker nowadays also enjoys live options to bet while the event you are interested in is in progress. In this case, the odds available vary in real-time depending on the progress of the match (for example, if the home team takes the lead in a football match, sign one will see the value of the odds drop, given that at that moment the victory of that formation could be verified more quickly), between tennis, basketball, badminton, darts.
  • Win easy tickets by carefully selecting sporting events from the daily schedule.
  • Please choose the best odds by monitoring their performance on the websites of the various operators. Many bettors also take advantage of the use of specific tools to be safer in the bets. For example, the Arab world, in the Moneyway 1X2 section, keeps track of the volumes bet, distributed by signs 1, X and 2, on international betting exchange sites. The most skilled bettors can thus indicate the most profitable events to bet on, based on their technical knowledge of that particular sport ( the sudden absence of a top player, for example, can easily affect a result). The Oddsportal tool instead monitors the movement of the odds over time, starting from the opening of the bet. It is a valuable tool for identifying unexpected drops in an odd, perhaps related to the training choices. This is the case of an obligatory turnover, like the one recently operated by Liverpool in the EFL Cup against Aston Villa due to the commitment of the “reds” to the Club World Cup; those who had bet ahead of time on the victory of Klopp’s team had found a much lower odd, but once it was established that Liverpool would have fielded a couple of very young the situation was reversed in favour of Aston Villa, who won easily. Bettors are constantly studying many parameters and details.
  • Winning bets on football by adopting a “mathematical” method that uses specially created Excel sheets, such as Masaniello.
  • I am betting on Live events to play live with odds updated in real-time, also to “cover” any ongoing bets.
  • To assimilate the concepts of stake and bankroll to manage money: each event must be associated with a scale of 1 to 10 based on our trust. If we firmly believe that an event will occur, we should aim for the maximum stake (10). Each stake represents 1/100 of the total bankroll.
  • Adopt a system based on the method of progression.
  • Compare your ideas on the web with those of the so-called “tipster”, the experts in the sector.
  • Keep a cool head and avoid compulsive gambling, and, above all, never gamble beyond your financial means.

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