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Football: Tips & Strategies For Betting Online

Football attracts more than 90% of bets on online bookmakers. Globally, we must not be far from this figure. Football is the most popular sport on the planet and it is no surprise that it is the undisputed king of online betting. It’s a kind of conditioned reflex. The welcome bonus from sports betting sites naturally goes to this sport. The media coverage means that anyone has heard of Lionel Messi and Barca. So anyone will bet blindly on the Blaugranas. It is this kind of mistake that we have to hunt to become winning sports betting bettor. This article is intended for novice football punters, but also for those who have lost everything and are looking for answers.

Bet Like A Pro On Football

To bet like a pro, you have to think like a pro bettor. They are rare. You will find many who think they are and especially many who claim to be. This job is rare because there are few people who know how to lose 1000 euros at the 92nd of a football match without flinching. You have to know how to lose them, but you also have to know how to win them. An important part of being a pro bettor is mental.

To bet on football like a pro, you have to know how to bet like a pro and adapt to the demanding discipline that is football. We are going to give you the basic tips on how to bet on football as professionally as possible. Some of our advice will be general and some betting tips will be football-friendly.

Choose Your Bookmaker To Bet On Football

Consult our bookmaker’s review to make a comparison of the benefits of each of them. As a beginner, you will choose on personal criteria, perhaps advertising or an aversion to a bookmaker, sponsor of a team. For the moment, you have the right not to be rational, the offer is homogeneous in France. This is your first bookmaker. The objective is above all to understand how a bookmaker works, whether in “administrative” matters or in purely online betting matters. Our selection only takes into account bookmakers.

You Play Against The Bookmaker

We stress this idea on every page of our advice, on every sport. For us, whoever does not understand this simple idea cannot correctly understand what sports betting is. You do not bet against OM, Real, or Napoli, but against the bookmaker. No one is a supporter of a bookmaker. Assume that you are playing against the bookmaker and you have to figure out how to beat him, this will save you from falling into all the basic traps of the newbie in sports betting One who aims to specialize in betting on the round ball must make it its leitmotif. Why? This is the subject of our next paragraph.

Bet On Reason, Not Your Passion

“Beat the bookmaker”. Beat the French bookmaker. This means that you have to choose the bet which you think is going to give you the win. And that implies that you don’t bet according to your preferences as supporters or even observers. We don’t bet on Messi’s FC Barcelona because we are a fan or an amateur of the beautiful game.

The Simple Bet On Football

It is the ancestor in France of online gambling. La Française des Jeux and its football lottery offered a grid of 10 matches with the only option of 1N2. When we say single bets, it is not as opposed to combination bets. The simple bet is the false friend of the beginner bookmaker. It’s a bet that is either too hard or badly priced and sometimes it will be more compelling than the siren songs. Be careful, it can be interesting when the odds are not too unbalanced. In Ligue 1, PSG is a textbook case, but we could take Serie A with Juventus Turin or the Scottish championship. Everyone knows that PSG will only lose a maximum of 2 or three maximum games per season. So, logically, betting systematically on Paris is a winner in L1? Well if this logic would be exalted on fixed-odds throughout the season, it turns out to be wrong because the odds of this type of team are very low. If you bet 30 times on adds 1.10 (it is sometimes lower) you will bet to accumulate 300 euros for a theoretical profit of 30 euros. It’s better than the A booklet, but it’s not the investment of the century. Out of these 30 games, there will be 2 or 3 draws and one defeat. This means that over the 30 matches you will lose 30 or 40 euros. Finally, for 300 euros you will not gain anything and maybe even lose.

The golden rule: Never bet below 1.60 and in the worst case, a value bet, at 1.50.

Choice Of Odds And Types Of Football Bets

You will find the details of the types of bets on football the series of the same name. For a beginner, it is necessary to tame the types of bets by avoiding the pitfalls. A law that seems essential to us and which is sometimes called into question: Avoid divinatory bets. A divinatory bet is a pure luck. For example, finding the exact score of a football match, knowing if a player will score a hat-trick. These bets are always priced above the minimum 2.50 and can go up to incredible values. Some online bettors are lucky and will win big on a bet. However, you don’t see their ROI over a season ..? You will even see that the media highlights the bettors who have won big and that bookies often have a thread where you see the big winners and their winnings with unlikely odds. On the other hand,

The choice of the types of bets is decisive. Dimensions represent a value. Remember, the higher the odds, the more limited the chances of winning. To bet well, it is necessary to find the ideal agreement between odds and type of bet. And if you can’t find it on a match, then look elsewhere.

Betting Strategy For Football: Do Your Accounts

One of the big differences between an informed amateur bettor and a pro bettor is the ability to invest. When the profit on our predictions, which you are on the site, is around 150-200 euros with stakes of 10 euros, a pro bettor would have bet 500 or 1000 euros which would make a much more impressive profit. Why not do it? It is not our job. It remains a pleasure and we do not play for greed. And to be honest, when we play very big, the hand trembles, the mind becomes confused and confused. The issue harms the capacity for analysis. Here again, it is a question of mentality and relation to money. We, therefore, prefer to write for those who start betting with 20 euros in the bankroll.

It is essential to keep a spreadsheet file of all your wins and losses. You will find history on your account with your bookmaker, but some information will be missing. This allows you to have a history and readability over several months; You can even find software online that will give you your statistics once your data is entered.

  • Doing your accounts allows you to clearly distinguish your real gains and your real losses.
  • Doing your accounts allows you to control your bankroll – the total amount in your account.

This is essential for estimating the level of your bets. For example, putting 50 euros when you have 100 euros in bankroll is like putting 2.50 euros if you have 5 euros in the bankroll. Above all, set limits that you should never exceed. The bookmakers we recommend all have a program that allows you to calibrate your bets on a monthly basis. You can limit your deposits to 50 euros per month. Controlling your bets has a double advantage. Do not fall into the traps of addiction and force yourself to choose your bets.

Tips For Betting Like A Pro On Football

Tips are not miraculous. We are not selling you a dream, but a chaotic path and a priesthood. Football has this particularity which makes it always unique: in a match, anything can happen. Obviously football business allows you to read the rankings of the major championships in the financial statements unless there is a surprise. On the other hand, in a match, more or less anything can happen. Tip number one is to take a game in context: a football game is not off the ground. The timing is very important. A major and favorite team of a match can play with the handbrake if they have a key Champions League meeting three days later. A big team that is champion 10 days from the end will not have the same implication as an opponent fighting for maintenance.

Combined Bet Or Single Bet?

The single bet, that is to say, betting on a single bet is the most common. You then find the combined bet which requires a selection of several cumulative bets for a single stake. In a way, you create your sports lottery grid. There are two schools and sometimes some change according to the opportunities. The single bet is more secure because it “suffices” to find a bet on a match. The combination bet offers record odds because it has added the odds of all the matches you are going to place in your selection. It’s a blunt argument, but the more matches you have, the more likely you are to go wrong. To make a well combined bet, you need conjunction of matches with clearly identified favorites from several championships.

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