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Tips For Playing Scratch Cards

The lucky scratch lands on Yes, as you see it. The well-known scratch card game, now available on mobile or computer through online scratch cards. And here we tell you how to play.

How To Play Scratch Cards?

The objective is to get three identical figures. But before…

  • First, before you start playing, you need to select the game you want.
  • Choose the amount you want to bet: from a minimum of € 0.25 to a maximum of € 100.
  • Once inside you will see nine boxes. You will discover one by one on the panel, and if three of those nine boxes are similar, you win the prize.
  • But not just any prize, because each figure has a surprise in the form of a multiplier. Depending on the object you find, you can increase the amount of your prize x3, x5, x15, x750 and x10,000

What Types Of Scratch Cards Are There?

we give you the option to enjoy several scratch cards with very different themes. You can go to the island of Avalon to discover the hidden treasures through the game Avalon Scratch. If you prefer, you can also go to Las Vegas on two different missions, but with the same goal: to survive and find the highest possible price. In Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch and Lost Vegas Zombie Scratch is your luck.

You can also go for a sportier game like Cricket Star Scratch or go to an Irish party with elves at Lucky Leprechaun Scratch. We propose the plan and you scratch where you like best.

Scratchcard games can be found included in the Slots section of the web. And remember that the best game is the one played in moderation.

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