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How To Take Advantage Of Free Bets?

Freebets have become the main claim of bookmakers since it is a free bet at no cost to the player, which is a very attractive product especially for those users who are starting in the world of betting and have some qualms about spending your money so quickly.

In this article, we will talk about what a free bet is, how it differs from a bonus, what types exist and how we can make money with free bets.

What Are Free Bets?

A freebet is a free bet, that is, it is a certain amount of money that the bookmaker lends to the user to make a forecast. However, the profits that are obtained from it cannot be released, only in the bonds and under quite demanding conditions.

How To Get Free Bets?

In this case, the free bet is the main advertising claim of the bookmakers, therefore, they can be achieved in different ways: for being new users, periodic promotions, loyalty for inactive users.

Freebets For New Users

These are the most common, they are achieved by registering as a new user at a betting house, which is known as a welcome bonus, which may or may not require an initial deposit.

In this case, there are bookmakers that will offer to double our first deposit in free bets format, which is usually € 10 minimum in all bookmakers, or they will simply offer us a certain amount of free bets to bet directly without the need for making a previous deposit.

Freebets From Promotions

This type is the most abundant, since the bookmakers offer once or twice a week the possibility of getting free bets by betting on outstanding sporting events, whether they are football, basketball, tennis.

In this case, in some promotions, they demand to be newly registered users to benefit us, while others are open to the public. The best thing about this modality is that they are usually relatively easy to get since the objective of the bookmaker is to get us interested in betting.

Freebets For Abandoned Users

This last type of free bets is aimed at those users who have not gambled for a long time, so their objective is to re-engage that gambler who, for various reasons, has not gambled for a long time.

Is A Free Bet The Same As A Bonus?

Many users tend to confuse what is a free bet and a bonus, something logical considering that, at first glance, they seem identical concepts. However, they really do differ:

  • The freebet is a bet on which we do not obtain any type of withdrawable profit, although it does not have any type of special condition, it simply works as a test so that the user becomes familiar with the process.
  • The Bonus is a free bet with which we can achieve withdrawable earnings, although to release them we must meet a series of conditions established by the bookmaker itself and which, in most cases, are usually quite demanding, such as having You bet the bonus amount 5 or 7 times.

Are There Freebet Without A Deposit?

Yes, bookmakers usually offer free bets as a gift without the need to make a deposit, such as in regular promotions on certain sporting events. In the case of bonuses, it is already less frequent, since practically all require a minimum deposit (€ 10) before granting the freebet.

What Does It Mean To Launder Betting Bonuses?

Laundering a betting bonus means obtaining an economic benefit at the expense of the bookmaker through the Welcome Bonuses that they usually offer to new users, that is, it is a way of transferring the money that they offer us for free to our account and which in principle is blocked. Ultimately, it is about “cheating” to get money from the bookmaker.

How To Take Advantage Of Free Bets In Your Strategies?

Freebets or free bets, although it is not really money that we have to withdraw, can be enormously useful when developing a betting strategy, since it is the most comfortable and risk-free way to implement our strategy by applying trial and error without putting our capital at risk, at least until we have verified that it can work.

Therefore, when we are going to start in the world of gambling and we register for the first time in a bookmaker it is advisable to try to get the maximum possible free bets in the Welcome Bonus by depositing € 100 instead of € 10, always and when our economy allows it.

How Many Tips Can Be Made In A Combination Bet?

Although the ideal, especially if you are not very expert in combined bets, is not to exceed the 4 combined predictions, really the possibilities to combine are practically unlimited.

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