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Tips For Long Term Successful Betting Strategy

Long-term betting is not very popular with most bettors, as betting on events that will happen in 6 months or more loses the excitement of the moment. In addition, this type of forecast does not offer great benefits immediately either, but it can be done more progressively and in smaller quantities, with few exceptions.

In this article, we are going to see what long-term bets are, what types exist, how to make a strategy with this type of forecast and what tips should be followed to be successful with them.

What Are Long-term Bets?

Long-term bets consist of betting on events that will happen in the medium or distant future, such as:

  • Who will win the Santander League
  • Who will win the Champions League
  • Who will win the 2022 World Cup

Guessing the champion of competition, even before the competition starts, perfectly exemplifies what long-term betting is.

What Types Of Long-term Bets Are There?

There are no different types of long-term bets as such, although we can differentiate them based on what they bet on, since for example it is not the same, neither at the level of odds nor risk, to bet on the final champion of a league competition (long) that copera (short). Other bets of this style have to do with the top scorer or the best player in the tournament. In addition to football, we have long-term bets on basketball, tennis, motor.

How To Make A Long-term Betting Strategy?

When we talk about long-term forecasts, there is no specific strategy for this type of bets, since the most similar ones are based on betting overtime on the same forecast, so that in the end in the balance of profits and losses be the first the highest amount.

But referring to bets on future events, the key lies in learning to anticipate possible results and, also, in having a little luck, since during a season or a tournament the conditions that affect the different teams can vary enormously, which in practice translates into a fluctuation of the fees, which will be those that provide us with the profits.

Are Long-term Bets Profitable?

Long-term bets can be quite profitable although they require patience and time. In this case, they present a quite important factor of chance, since, for example, a team for which they offer a fairly high quota for winning a tournament is not among the favourites to get it, however, as it happens Over time, said team begins to chain good results and take positive inertia and, in addition, the rest of the favourites suffer significant injuries, extra-sporting problems and other factors that affect sports performance, then it will be in that case where we will find a value bet, a with which we will have the possibility to triple, quadruple or quintuple our bet.

Take Leicester’s Premier League title in the 2015/16 season as an example. Before starting the season, the fee for winning the championship was € 5,000 per euro wagered. This quota, which remained stable during the first days, began to decline as the season progressed and Leicester was winning games and staying in the lead, to the point that in the last days it would be reduced to a few euros.

This is an example that perfectly demonstrates the key to this type of long-term bets, although in the event that the top favourite wins we would also obtain a certain benefit since the value of the odds does not usually fall below 2.00 or 3.00 €.

How Does Long-Term Betting Affect The Odds?

As we mentioned before, since there is such a long period of time between placing the bet and closing, the chances of the odds fluctuating are enormous, since there are many factors and circumstances that can affect the final result.

In addition, we always have the possibility of closing them ahead of time, in case we detect that the forecast we have made may end up failing and, therefore, even if our final quota is lower than the initial one, it will always be better than ending up failing the forecast. completely.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that in those bookmakers that offer the possibility of trading, long-term bets are a highly recommended option, since we could take advantage of these variations in odds to buy and sell long-term bets of more frequently.

Tips For Profitable Long-term Betting Systems

As in practically any type of sports forecast, it is advisable to follow a series of tips that help us make the most of our long-term bets.

Research Sports And Bookmakers

Carrying out a preliminary study of the competition on which we are going to bet is essential in any type of bet, that is, it is advisable to know which teams participate, how they arrive or what their recent history in the tournament is, since all that information It will help us to detect who is really the favourite and which teams, outside of the main ones, may have a chance of winning the championship.

It is also convenient to compare different bookmakers since in many cases they usually offer different odds for the same event. Therefore, it may be more profitable to place a long-term bet at a specific bookmaker.

Anticipate As Much As Possible

Most long-term bets tend to offer quite high odds for the big favourites, but only before the tournament starts or in the first few days before the teams play their first matches and the bookmakers really value the performance they can deliver.

Therefore, to place long-term bets, it is essential to bet as soon as possible and choose both one of the top favourites to secure the bet and an ‘outsider’ candidate, that is, a team covered in the forecasts but with the potential to be able to give the surprise. This fact is especially useful in short cup tournaments since in a league it is difficult for a team to win against all odds over 9 months.

Patience And Self-control

Finally, it is necessary to have the right mentality to make long-term bets, being clear that they are forecasts with future profits and that, perhaps, they do not provide us with the expected profits. Therefore, it is important to maintain a certain self-control that does not make us risk excessively or bet more than what is intended for this type of forecast.

Houses That Offer Long-term Bets

All sports betting houses offer long-term forecasts, some in greater quantity than others or by providing us with better odds for certain events. Therefore, the key is to find which bookmaker offers us the best odds for our long-term bet. Some of the houses that usually offer the best odds are Bet365, Luckia, William Hill, Betsson.

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