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Risk-Free Sports Betting Strategy All The Bettors Must Learn

The bets without risk are very popular among bettors, especially those who are starting, allowing not jeopardize our money, despite the potential gains are also reduced, since less low risk-reward.

In this article, we are going to know what a risk-free bet is, how to win risk-free bets, how to take advantage of risk-free betting bonuses or what strategy we can use to bet with minimal risk.

What Are Risk-free Bets?

Risk-free bets are those in which we do not put our money at stake, that is, we play with a balance provided by the bookmaker itself, which has offered us through a specific promotion in which it only requires having made a bet in advance.

How To Win Sports Bets Always Without Risk?

Normally we will have several risk-free betting promotions in a multitude of different bookmakers. In this case, they are usually more abundant when there is a specific important football match, such as FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid. However, we can find this type of promotion practically every 3 days.

In this case, risk-free betting promotions normally require a previous bet with our balance to receive it. Sometimes he asks us to get the prognosis right and at other times he is indifferent.

If the requirement is to get it right, then we will have to look for events that have a 90% chance of success, which we will identify because they present very low fees (between € 1.00 and € 1.20). Thus, practically always we will be able to receive extra free bets to bet without risk.

How To Take Advantage Of The Bonuses To Bet Without Risk?

The bonuses to bet without risk offered by the bookmakers do not have too many requirements to get them, since the objective of the bookmakers is that you try to play so that you do not fear it and take a liking to it.

However, there are tougher requirements when trying to withdraw those winnings, since normally the bookmakers require to bet 5 or 6 times the amount of the bonus before being able to withdraw it, as this ensures that users are not taking advantage of this promotion.

Therefore, these bonuses to bet without risk should be focused on learning and perfecting our betting strategies, that is, we should not focus on figuring out how to withdraw that balance, but rather on using it to improve ourselves as bettors, taking advantage of the opportunity that we do not put our money at risk to practice strategies and methods that allow us to bet in a ensures when we use our money.

Strategy To Win Sports Bets With Minimal Risk

The best way to try to win sports bets with the least possible risk is to make forecasts at very low odds (between € 1.00 and € 1.50), since they are the ones with a higher probability of success.

Here are some recommendations on how to win sports bets with minimal risk.

Choose Very Low But Very Safe Fees

If possible, we must select fees that do not exceed € 1.20 or € 1.25, taking as an imaginary limit those around € 1.50. And it is that the lower the quota, the lower the risk, since the probability that that particular event will happen will be closer to 100%.

Prioritize 2-team Sports

When choosing safe events, we will have a greater chance of hitting those that only present 2 options, that is, a victory for one or the other without a draw. Therefore, sports such as tennis or basketball will be more advisable than football, although always without excluding it.

Combine Low Fees

Being handling such low figures, the best option to try to increase a possible final odds is to place combined bets, which, although they increase the risk of failure, it will not be so much when handling events with almost 100% of hit security.

Is There A Surefire Way To Win Sports Bets?

Yes, there is a method to identify sure bets, which will always offer us 100% success. In this case, the key lies in learning how to calculate the spread and how this data will help us identify sure bets and put into practice the strategy to always make money with sports bets.

Check out our article on safe sports betting strategies to learn more about the ‘spread’ method to get safe bets.

Houses Where To Place Bets Without Risk

Virtually all bookmakers offer, to a greater or lesser extent, promotions on a regular basis to obtain risk-free bets. Therefore, regardless of which one we usually use, we will have the opportunity to receive risk-free bets both in the form of a bonus and in direct free bet.

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