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Poker: Bluff, All-in And River – The Pro’s Recipes For Success

Poker is considered the king of table games. In the eternal battle with arch-rivals Blackjack, the card game around the flop, turn and the river has to constantly prove itself in order to inspire gamblers all over the world. But there are big differences among the millions of people who play poker every day. Some play for the next crate of beer in the small student dorm, while high rollers gamble for a fortune at the most lucrative tables in the world. But what can one learn from the other? What are the poker pros’ recipes for success? We’ll show you some strategies to get more hands in.

What Does A Good Poker Player Need To Bring?

Regardless of whether you just play for fun or want to win real money at poker: A good poker player should already have a few requirements that set him apart from other players. Probably the most important quality of any poker professional should be ruthless discipline. After all, only the smallest part of poker is actually a game of chance. The rule is: stay cool and stay analytical in order to win more hands-on average. Because unlike in many films and series, not every hand can win in real poker.

So if you let your skills go and lose your calm after losing hands, you will always be inferior to a good, disciplined poker player. The second strength of character that a good player should bring with him strikes in a similar notch: patience. Anyone who wastes their financial resources too quickly and with a rushed look at the money instead of just playing the right hands will quickly drown at the poker table. Especially players who come from online poker and now want to try their hand at the real casino will quickly notice: Poker is not the fastest game.

Three Tips To Becoming A Better Poker Player

Aside from these character traits, the skills and tricks of every poker player are of course important. If you find out about strategies and tips on the net, the online poker guides become more frequent and it quickly becomes clear that there are hundreds of tips and tricks. We have therefore selected the five best tips for you.

Don’t underestimate opponents: One of the most important tricks right at the beginning. No matter who you are up against, never underestimate your fellow players! Instead, always assume that you are dealing with a better opponent, which gives you a decisive advantage. You can always look behind the method behind the player and do not let yourself be guided by emotional motives:

Position and strong hands: A mistake that beginners especially like to make: Too much aggression. Here, too, film and television have given the wrong picture in the past. Instead of constantly gambling, you should instead stay in a wait-and-see position until a really strong hand shows up. Then the time has come to go on the offensive. Your position at the table can also play a role. Pay attention to the position of the blinds and only play them when the risk is as low as possible – at least in rounds with brawlers.

Notes are the key: They are not available for free on online poker platforms: note functions. In the best case, you write down every little action at the gaming table and thus secure a real knowledge advantage. A game of poker can last several hours, so the player with the most information is king when a round draws on. No matter if hands or bets, write down as much as possible and try to derive game patterns for each participating player.

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