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What Is Edge Sorting?

The terminology in online poker is very relevant, especially for those users who want to reach a high level as players. Surely many of its current expressions are already well known to everyone, but today we want to give you all the details of a really special one: Edge Sorting .

In general terms, we can say that Edge Sorting in poker is a strategy to classify the cards. Thanks to its use, what is intended is to be able to read them and know their values ​​by analyzing them by their edges. Like all techniques, this one is not infallible either, so you should always play with the utmost caution and responsibility.

Basic Characteristics of Edge Sorting in Poker

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Initially, Edge Sorting can be applied to blackjack, baccarat and poker, but we are going to focus on the latter. This term can be translated as “edge classification” and its application is intended to anticipate the future of poker cards. Controversy has always followed this technique, even more so since the profits achieved by Phil Evey and Cheung Yin Sun in several casinos and which, by the way, would end up in court.

The basis of the Edge sorting are the drawings that appear on the back of the cards. Apparently, they are not regular and that serves to know the value of some cards and others. Noticing these irregularities, the most attentive players were able to use them to their advantage by anticipating the future of poker cards. With these card changes, they could tell if the card is high or low, and thus could tailor their next decisions to these issues.

How is this Edge Sorting done?

The edges of poker cards are not exact, so this allows players who opt for this technique to classify and separate the cards that they think are more important and those that are not. Grouping the cards is a process in which they have to put their full attention. Of course, the cards are grouped based on the common characteristics of the cards in order to control them. With this method, they can identify the cards by those shapes and bet based on that.

Players embarking on edge sorting in poker should be aware that they will need to take the following steps:

  • The cards must first be lined up in such a way that their backs are visible. Players need to be able to see it to start arranging the cards.
  • An important clarification is that Edge Sorting only works if the game procedure is maintained at all times and the distribution is equal. Otherwise, edge sorting would be impossible.
  • The dealer must not know that Edge Sorting is being used so that he cannot interfere with the placement of the cards.

How cards should be read with Edge sorting

It is estimated that more than 50% of the cards used in poker casinos have some irregularities in their front part. However, this technique had the difficulty that each casino had its own cards, so you had to know “those” cards in particular to have options.

We are going to see some specific examples of this type of asymmetry in the cards so that you become familiar with them:

  • About 20% have a design that, on the right side, is key because there is a half diamond and on the left, only small fragments. You can also see this at the bottom and at the top.
  • 15% present asymmetry on the edge of the letter.
  • There are also cards that have asymmetric edges both on the right and on the left and both above and below.

There are many more variants in terms of changes that occur in card designs. As we said, almost every casino has its own cards, so we are satisfied with having given you some examples.

Just out of curiosity, we want you to know that one of the safest decks of cards in the world is from the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas. The edges of his cards are completely whitened and it is very difficult for any irregularity to be perceived on them. In addition, the design of the cards has also been thought to avoid the arrest of these issues by using symmetry in each of their patterns. In this case, using edge sorting in poker seems more complicated than ever.

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