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The 5 Secrets Of The Casino Architects

How architects build casinos: tricks and secrets

When you enter a casino in Las Vegas you very often lose track of time and also you get lost in the rows of tables intended for casino games. You spend hours inside the structure even without ever playing, but only observing the sophisticated structures and the fantastic furnishings created to perfection. We can find some examples such as The Venetian in Macau , one of the most luxurious casinos in the world , or the famous Luxor , complete with a sphinx and pyramid. Many tourists like to be pleasantly surprised by the attractions present in the various casinos, such as the pink flamingos of the Flamingo , once in the hands of the brilliant Kirk Kerkorian . The world of physical casinos is to be explored continuously to be amazed every time you cross the threshold.

Architects and designers also play a fundamental role in spending and entertaining the many tourists who visit Las Vegas or Macau, two of the cities with the most casinos in the world . So here’s how architects build casinos .

1. The design of the casinos

One of the secrets that architects exploit when developing a casino project is certainly the design. We are not only talking about the internal design but also the external one. For example, the Circus Circus of Jay Sarno was built in the likeness of a circus not only because it represents the best of the casino theme, but also to attract tourists, even if they are not as likely to play in casinos, are immediately attracted to the particular structure . Similarly happens with Caesars Palace , Jay Sarno and Stanley Mallin’s first casino, whose structure is similar to an ancient Roman temple.

But the interior design also plays its part. In fact, a casino is a real labyrinth full of colors, gambling halls and shops. Moving between the game tables is not that simple without stopping to play at least one game. The tourist, being surrounded by many tables and many players, will almost certainly tend to approach a game , even if sometimes he does not know the rules at all.

Furthermore, the labyrinth design that is created in these phantom buildings generates a sense of bewilderment that will make it very difficult to find the exit. In some rare cases, casinos of the same company, but with a different theme, are connected directly by corridors, making the tourist even more disoriented . Of course the exit, for everyone’s safety, is always clearly visible but at the same time hidden from the chaotic world that is created inside the casinos.

One of the secrets of casino architects is certainly the inaccessibility from sunlight. Windows or skylights can rarely be found. If there are small skylights, they are usually covered by the strong lights that make it difficult for the player to see upwards. In other cases, such as in megaresorts , where casinos also have a hotel zone, windows are only found in outward-facing rooms.

Another secret of casino architects, but this time it’s more of an interior design trick , is the lack of clocks . If the goal is to keep the players as long as possible then it is good that they completely forget the time. Apart from some isolated cases, where there are TVs that could show television channels where the time is usually always present, there are no clocks hanging inside the casinos . It could be said that time in casinos never passes. To date, however, we can define this trick as partially overcome thanks to the advent of smartphones and the growing number of people who wear watches every day.

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2. The layout of the tables

The layout of the tables is one of the secrets of casino architects. If you notice the arrangement well, these are grouped according not only to the game category , so card games or dice games or online casino games , but also to the type of game. If you try to play blackjack , just find at least one table where you play the game of black jack and with the utmost certainty there will be other tables dedicated to the same game nearby.

The logic of this table arrangement is very simple. In addition to showing a richer and less dispersed offer to the player, who may have found a table full, it will give the player or the curious to see and hear how other people play at other tables. This is a psychological technique rather than a design one, and will lead the player to bet more and more and play more and more thanks to the enthusiasm and frenzy of the moment.

3. The layout of the slot machines

The arrangement of the slot machines is a very used trick by all the casinos in the world. In any room or any area of ​​the casino there are always plenty of different slot machines that generate noise when jackpots are hit and with ambient sounds designed to attract customers.

Furthermore, the most modern slot machines not only have a captivating theme , but for each slot it is not difficult to find a different design, designed exclusively for the game it contains.

The colors, the videos that are proposed and the prizes obtainable at the slot machines, are shown continuously to attract more and more players.

In recent years, slots are becoming so important that around 80% of the profits from casinos come from slot machines. They are in fact considered the driving force of the gambling sector as they continually attract new customers.

4. The layout of the cocktail bars

As we have already mentioned, the casino is a real labyrinth that on some occasions seems to be dead end. When playing casino games, forgetting the passing of time, the human body begins to make its needs felt . One of the secrets of casino architects is also setting limits on satisfying certain needs. To satisfy one of the primary needs, thirst , the casino customer will have to face a series of labyrinthine streets making their way between gaming tables and colorful slot machines.

As for getting to the exit, the cocktail bars are arranged after a series of tables, slots and other attractions that tempt the player. Also, in the lucky player mindset , moving away from the table when playing means losing your seat and even the kiss of luck. Precisely for this reason the most passionate players will try to bear the thirst for as long as possible. In classic casinos, the rules of Pachinko good manners do not apply, such as placing a pack of cigarettes on the pachi-slot to reserve it for half an hour. On the contrary, as soon as you get up from the table, another player will pounce on that vacant seat .

5. The services offered

Very often casinos can be compared to small towns within cities, especially the largest casinos in the world . One of the most famous is Macau’s City of Dreams Resort which features not only a swimming pool for diving but also a nightclub. The services offered by these famous casino hotels are varied. It starts from classic hotel rooms up to real mini apartments within the structures. Often there are shops and boutiques but also jewelers. There are rarely any small fast food outlets, but there are always luxurious restaurants . There are also very often chains of bar-pub intended for breakfast or a late night cocktail. On the other hand, casino hotels that also offer services such as gyms, spas and spas are particular .

In addition to these classic outlets or food outlets, some casinos have areas for entertainment for the whole family . It is not difficult to find playrooms for children, playgrounds like the Angry Birds Recreation Center of the Macau Bridge 16 Resort or like the roller coaster inside the New York-New York of Las Vegas.

All these services make the casino environment pleasant and welcoming which makes the customer little interested in leaving the casino. This, having already available all the necessary services for a comfortable stay, will be more favorable in staying inside the casino.

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