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An Introduction To Soccer Betting: Tips And Strategies For Beginners

How does football betting work?

The odds on a football match are set by the bookmakers and represent the ratio between the stake and the win on a specific outcome that you can bet on. For example, if the odds on the outcome of a game are 4.0, this means that for every euro you bet, you get four euros if you win the bet. The principle of odds and how they are created is actually very simple.

Choosing a football betting site

The next thing to decide is which website to use to place the bets. There is now an almost unmanageable number of providers. But that is precisely why it is so important to take a closer look at the different providers. Because not every provider has the same offer and there are big differences between the individual bookmakers. Both in terms of odds and the selection of bets.

Which brings us to the next topic, which you have to deal with in a little more detail before you place your first bets. Because which bets are there and which of these bets are particularly popular?

The game bet

This is the simplest form of soccer betting as you simply choose the outcome of a game. You can bet on a home win, a draw or an away win. One aspect to note is that this applies to the game after 90 minutes. So if you bet on the home team to win and they only get the win after penalties or overtime, you won’t get any winnings as the game ended in a draw after 90 minutes. So you have to take a closer look before you place this bet.

Player bets

In addition to bets on the overall game, bets on the performance of individual players are also very popular. This includes, but is not limited to, bets on the number of goals that a specific player will score in a match. Or which player scores first in the game. Alternatively, you can also bet on which player has scored the most goals in a competition at the end of a season. For example, you can bet that Erling Haaland will score the most goals in the Premier League this season.

There are also many other ways to bet on individual players. To do this, you need to delve into the subject a little more closely. It’s a good approach to start with if you’re a beginner and focus on one or two specific types of bets. Otherwise you run the risk of getting confused too quickly and losing track. You should therefore be careful not to place too many different individual bets.

With these bets it is very advantageous if you are familiar with the respective team and their starting line-up. Because a loss of players can have a very strong impact on the outcome of the bets. Also, it doesn’t make sense to bet on, for example, a goal from a player you know won’t see a minute of the game. A basic knowledge of football, current sporting events and the respective club is therefore an advantage.

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Accumulator bets

Combination bets allow you to combine several different bets. This form of football betting is one of the most popular in the world. This is also due to the fact that the possible profit can be higher here, even with smaller stakes. At the same time, the risk of not winning the bet is higher. Because with a combination bet, all individual bets must come in. You can bet on the fact that FC Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund Wins that Serge Gnabry scores two goals and that Bayern score more than 4 goals. To win this accumulator bet, all three single bets must be met in order to collect the winnings. Special rules apply to some providers. For example, with some providers, you get your stake back if you correctly predict three out of four events.

Combination bets have the advantage that you can shine with your football knowledge. If you really know football or a certain team, you can win regularly with the right combination. So knowledge is worth it.

In addition, you can combine a large number of bets with combination bets, which individually have low odds, but together result in attractive odds. And all without increasing the risk too much. If you proceed strategically here, you can increase your chances of winning. However, you have to take some time to really see through the matter.

Correct result

A correct score bet is a bet on predicting the exact outcome of a game. So this isn’t just about picking the winner. Here you have to decide whether the respective game ends 2:1 or 0:1, for example. Of course, this is much more difficult than just predicting the winner. The odds are correspondingly higher. The result after 90 minutes applies here too! The winnings for correct score bets are often attractive. But of course it is very difficult to predict the exact result. Therefore, this type of football bet is only suitable for beginners to a limited extent.

Over and Under bets

This form of football betting is also very popular. You have to determine whether there are more or less than a given number of goals, corners or cards in a game. For example, you can bet on whether there will be over or under 2.5 goals in a game between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern Munich. The base number will never be an integer, which guarantees that the result will be one of two: over or under.

Betting on corners is also popular here. For example, you can bet on more than 10.5 corners being taken in a game. You win if at least eleven corners are actually executed. However, if only 10 or fewer corners are taken in the game, you lose the bet.

More odds markets for managers and players

Many bookmakers offer special odds on certain off-field events. Popular markets in particular are the next coach to be sacked. Here you can bet on which coach will be fired next.

Similar markets also exist for players rumored to be switching clubs in the transfer window. And as mentioned, there are a variety of markets for top scorers in competitions around the world. But not all bookmakers offer this type of bet. Therefore, you have to look around a bit if you want to make these bets.

Live betting

Lastly, live betting needs to be mentioned separately here. These are bets that can be placed live during the game. This allows you to react to events in a game. For example, when a player is substituted due to injury or the result runs against you. The selection of live bets is now huge and they are basically made up of the bets discussed above.

As a beginner in football betting it might be wise to stick to the simpler bets like match betting or goalscorer markets. And to those that pose a lower risk. One should ensure that one places one’s bets on known markets to ensure that the risk of losing money is reduced. Two of the biggest factors in the quest to maximize profits are preparation and football knowledge.

There is now also a wealth of football statistics that can be viewed free of charge on the Internet. These help to get a better understanding of the respective games and players.

A football fan who follows all Bundesliga games week after week and at the same time has the most important statistics in his head is far better equipped to bet on Bundesliga games than someone who is relatively unfamiliar with football . It therefore pays off if you acquire a certain knowledge and then place bets in the respective niche. This does not have to be the Bundesliga either. You can also focus entirely on the British Premier League or the Italian Serie A.

Especially beginners should concentrate on a league, a competition or even just on a tee. Because that way you can make sure that you absorb all the knowledge you need. Especially if you want to be strategic, this is the best approach, which professional sports betting experts have also discovered for themselves. However, this does not mean that you cannot bet on other leagues or games. But you should always have your focus on your respective hobby horse.

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