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The Big Gambler Comparison: Online Casino vs Live Casino vs Mobile Casino

It is no longer a secret that there is an ever-growing fan base for gambling far away from the classic casino. It almost seems as if there are more options to gamble online than to drive to a casino or a casino. Which game options are currently particularly trendy and what the differences between online casino, live casino, and mobile casino are, should be the topic of this gambler comparison.

Definition Of Terms: The Who’s Who Of Online Gambler Options

The online casino is basically the generic term for all online variants of gambling. This is why providers such as Beste online casino have basically done everything right with their choice of the brand because They identify online casinos – and also address the special forms of them: live casinos and mobile casinos.

The classic online casino is differentiated according to the software because there are,

  • Web-based casinos: which have the advantage that users save the download, but have to struggle with longer loading times, and
  • Download-based casinos: where the gaming friends have to allow for time to download the software at the beginning, but can then play in real-time without any problems and literally.

The comparatively youngest type of online casino appears more and more frequently: the live casino. The live casino is taking a giant step in the direction of a real casino or real casino, because: There are real dealers who moderate the game. The live casino is consequently broadcast via live stream. Anyone who has a special OCR system can interact with the dealer because this technology can be used to convert images into data. The advantage for the user is the most realistic gaming experience. The disadvantage for the user is the slimmed-down selection of games, because A dealer with a cameraman and technical equipment cannot be assigned to each individual game request. Ultimately, this goes beyond the financial framework that must be set the highest for the operator in the live casino anyway.

The mobile casino and therefore variant 3, which is to be presented here, ultimately has something to do with technical availability, because as in all internet-based applications, the following applies: Is the software not mobile (i.e. on all mobile devices) available, it will no longer be able to exist in the long term today.

Excursus: This Is Behind The Mobile-first Idea

The requirement to think of the mobile version of the website first of all with every programming has been circulating through the spheres of online marketing for a long time. Experts in this field demand that the mobile variant should be considered first when programming for the Internet. That means: the layout and content must first be set up so that they look good on smartphones, tablets, and the like. Then in the second step, a desktop version can be created from it. Concentrating on mobile applications is far from absurd and utopian. In the tourism sector, in particular, this is a great way to stay up-to-date.

But as with any trend (especially in the online world), there are also critical voices, “Instead, you should always first think about which important customer problem or which important customer demand you want to solve or satisfy with your product. Only then do you start to design. But before you go straight back to the screen size, you should focus on two aspects: flow and context, ” says the web magazine. The flow describes the user experience and thus the HOW, while the context describes the WHEN and WHERE.

It can be observed with excitement which online casino is ahead in the race for user favor: the renowned online casino operator who offers a mobile variant on top, or the mobile casino operator who demands “mobile-first” lives and puts into practice.

Back To The Gambler Comparison: Online Gamers Can Use These Advantages

If we hide the technical component that has just been illuminated, it remains to be determined who is in good hands in the classic online casino.

  • Those who gamble in the online casino do not have to adhere to opening times.
  • The gaming tables cannot be occupied.
  • A large selection of games is also available.
  • As a rule, there is no dress code.
  • Compared to the classic casino, the payout rates online are higher.
  • There are also bonus offers that make online gaming fun financially attractive.
  • The factor of “anonymity” also needs to be considered, because nobody has to reveal their identity online.
  • If you want to see yourself as part of a community online, you will often find like-minded people in forums or in multiplayer mode.

The casino atmosphere, which no classic online casino can create, is and remains to be criticized. The live casino comes closest to this approach, which has a more authentic character than a classic online casino.

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