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How Do I Win At Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the oldest games of chance. It is well known that the cowboys in the Wild West liked to play a few rounds of BlackJack or 17 and 4 in the saloons. This card game is exactly a descendant of the French Vingtun, which is known as Seventeen and Four. Just as old as the tradition of the game itself is the question of the players how they can do as successfully as possible at the blackjack table. And that’s exactly what we took a closer look at below.

Why is Blackjack so Popular?

Blackjack is a game that should not be missing in any casino or online casino. This card game is one of the most popular games of chance in the world – and of course, there are reasons for that. For one thing, the game is incredibly fast, which makes the whole thing at the gaming table very exciting. A game round can be over after a few moments, and the next game round starts immediately afterward. So there are numerous possibilities for the player to place his bets. And even if it didn’t work out in one round with a win, the next chance can be taken just a few seconds later. In the best-case scenario, every round of the game is of course successful, so that great profits can be made within a very short time.

In addition, the players appreciate the simplicity of this card game – at least in the basics. In order to be fit enough for a round at the gaming table, a short introduction is usually enough. Of course, the game is extremely versatile and offers many possibilities, but the most important steps and findings are known after a short time. This is of course a good argument, especially for beginners, to take a closer look at this game. In addition, it should be mentioned that the casinos now present their players with numerous different game variants. A distinction is also made between special tables for professionals and newcomers. So if you prefer to play a little more quietly, you can do so at tables with particularly low specifications. Roulette.

How can I Double down on Blackjack?

Anyone who takes a closer look at Blackjack will sooner or later come across doubling up. In fact, this is an important step in the game that offers players many options. When doubling, the respective stake of the player is always doubled. This of course gives him a certain advantage, which is limited by a small restriction: If a player has doubled, he only receives one more card. So there is a certain residual risk as to whether a profit can actually be posted.

But when does doubling make a lot of sense? There are basically two ways of doing this. On the one hand, doubling down is often worthwhile if the player is already in a good position after the deal and comes close to 21 with just one more card or hits it exactly. So if you start with good cards anyway, you can, in the best case, secure a bigger profit by doubling. At the same time, this approach also makes sense if the dealer starts with particularly bad cards and, for example, there is a high chance that he will bust. So doubling is an important and powerful method with which the house edge can be reduced significantly. However, there is still a certain risk. By the way: It is also possible to double if the cards have been split once beforehand. In this case, the players who only call in the holder’s box could then double up.

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What is Blackjack About?

Blackjack is a card game, that much should already be known. To know exactly what this game is about, it helps to look at the “close relative”. The game seventeen and four. Blackjack is about getting as close as possible to 21 or even reaching it exactly. The game is not played against other players, but primarily against the dealer or the casino. The dealer also receives cards and tries to hit the 21. However, there are certain requirements for the dealer, so that if he scores 17 or more points, he may not draw any more cards. If the player is closer to 21 in this case, he wins the game round.

The playing cards in Black Jack are accordingly all associated with different values. The number cards each bring the value of their number, the ace can be scored with one point or eleven points. The face cards from J to K are worth ten points each. If a player wins the game round, he receives an “even money” win. So he receives a profit equal to his stake (1: 1). However, there are also certain special processes in which larger prizes are paid out. One of them would be the so-called Black Jack, in which the player hits 21 directly with the first two cards. If the dealer does not hit the 21 himself, a win of 3: 2 is paid out in this case.

What are the Best Strategies in Blackjack?

There are now several approaches or blackjack strategies with which the players want to increase their chances of success. We reveal here which are particularly well-known.

1. Double up

We have already mentioned doubling. This strategy is about recognizing as early as possible whether your own cards are successful or whether the dealer is in a bad situation. However, due to the high risk involved, doubling down is primarily intended for experienced players.

2. Don’t play every hand (surrender)

Another approach to blackjack is to play in surrender mode. Well-known and online casinos often make this game variant available, so that extremely bad hands can also be repelled directly. While this doesn’t always make sense, it can also be helpful here and there. And then even brings back half of the stake.

3. Martingale BlackJack Strategy

Many players also rely on the so-called Martingale strategy when playing Black Jack. In plain language, this means that progressive stakes are used here. If you win, the stake is retained. However, if a game round is lost, the stake is doubled for the next hand. In the long run, however, the casino table limits are likely to put a spanner in the works for many players.

4. Share Cards

Sharing cards is also a popular strategy in blackjack. Should a player hold two cards of the same rank, the hand can be split. In this case, you continue to play with two hands, each of which requires a separate bet. There are no further restrictions.

5. Learn Probabilities

Not a real strategy, but an important foundation: learning the probabilities. In this way, the players can find out when it is worth wagering on a game round or not. Or: whether another card should be drawn or not. If you want to play BlackJack successfully in the CasinoClub or another casino, you have to be fit in this area.

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