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How Much And How Can You Win In Sports Betting?

If you are still asking yourself this question, you might be disappointed because online betting is certainly not the best way to accumulate sports cars and dream villas. Unlike other gambling games like the traditional Euro-million, betting does not produce new millionaires.

Most bookmakers highlight their clients’ latest exploits on their home page. And in general, the amounts displayed are far from giddy. Indeed, the sums at stake are already basically framed by the number of your bets and the height of the odds, but that’s not all.

What Techniques To Adopt To Win?

Now that your dream of opulence has cooled down a bit, let’s see how to optimize your chances of winning.

First of all, you can forget about the miraculous methods that are rampant on the net, such as the famous 66% technique at half-time and at the end of the match. This kind of scam defies the laws of probability and is all about making you waste all your money.

Of course, no technique exists to win for sure since the luck factor has it say whatever the sporting disciplines. Nevertheless, it is possible to generate long-term profits by respecting a few essential rules:

Bet only a small fraction of your balance for each bet: So commit each time between 5 and 10% of your maximum bankroll depending on the risk of your forecast. This behavior is to be followed permanently, except when you benefit from certain bonuses upon registration.

Leave your passion for supporting in the locker room: Your infatuation with a player or a team of the heart can abuse your objectivity. A bet must be carefully considered and analyzed at least by consulting for example the latest statistics of the two protagonists who compete.

Limit combined bets: Bookmakers rub their hands when you regularly place combined bets because they know that your chances of being profitable over time are flush with daisies with this type of stake. By the way, have you noticed that many promotional offers only work with this kind of bet? If you’re a fan of handsets, commit only a tiny fraction of your budget to this route.

Avoid live bets: In principle, placing a bet on a match in progress involves too little analysis time which risks making you make a bad decision. Also, as we reported in our odds study, operators consistently offer lower live odds than pre-match. In the long term, live bets are therefore not profitable.

Register on multiple betting sites: This way, in addition to accumulating welcome offers, you can compare the odds for a given match and thus bet with the most generous. Consult our comparison table to select the best operators.

Don’t just play 1N2: Betting on the winning team in a football game is not always relevant, especially when opposing teams have irregular results. Other types of the bet with 2 possible outcomes only (against 3 for the 1N2) may prove to be more judicious. One can cite for example the number of goals scored or the double chance.

While respecting this rigorous advice, nothing prevents you from bringing a little madness into your strategy. Sporadically and with a symbolic bet, you can try a slightly crazy combination over ten matches or blacken a big grid of predictions.

These recommendations may seem obvious to you and yet the majority of bettors do not respect them! Finally, Compare Bet encourages you to play reasonably according to your income. Online betting remains above all a hobby and not a financial investment, don’t forget it!

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