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This Is How Progressive Jackpots Work

Become A Jackpot Hunter Too

Most people play mainly for fun. Slot machines stimulate our creativity and take us into other worlds: Be it to ancient Egypt, to a vacation spot, or to a fantasy world – there are no limits to the imagination.

But of course, there are also jackpot hunters among us players. Many of us dream of hitting a jackpot of over € 364,000 on games like Playtech’s Age of the Gods. In other games, such as Microgaming’s Wheel of Wishes, the progressive jackpot is even a whopping 10 million euros.

But how exactly do jackpots work? What distinguishes a progressive jackpot and what are the chances of winning? Which games are currently worth playing on NetBet? These and other questions are answered in detail in the following entry.

What Exactly Is A Progressive Jackpot?

Some players have probably heard of the term “progressive jackpot” without really knowing what is behind it. The term does not only apply to slots but can also be applied to many other games of chance. Before heading out on the jackpot hunt at NetBet, it is helpful to do a little research on the jackpots that are waiting for players.

Progressive jackpots are jackpots that keep increasing until they are finally cleared by a player. How does this rise take place? Every time a player plays a slot, a certain amount of the stake is added to the jackpot. A lot can come together over time, as the jackpots below make clear.

This is also the difference between a normal and a progressive jackpot. While with a normal jackpot the amount is fixed from the beginning, with a progressive jackpot it increases. The more players involved, the faster the amount increases.

As soon as the jackpot has been cleared, the original amount is restored and the jackpot hunt starts again. It is important to note that the amount usually does not end up at zero, but that it usually does not fall below a certain minimum amount – so that it is worthwhile to be there from the start.

What Are The Chances Of Winning A Progressive Jackpot?

Depending on the game, certain requirements must be met in order to participate in the jackpot. This can be expressed, for example, in a minimum bet. In most cases, however, the stakes are quite affordable and allow players to make winnings in the six-, seven- or even eight-figure range.

When it comes to the odds of winning, there can be differences between the various games. In general, the chances of winning a slot jackpot can be compared with those of lotteries. This is also about prizes on a scale that can have a major impact on the winner’s life.

However, the news that overtakes us almost daily from jackpot winners around the world shows that a win is quite possible. Most gamblers would never have dreamed of winning such large amounts and yet these people have become millionaires.

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