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Online Casinos That Double The Deposit

Players who are going to start in internet casinos, let’s say that they know perfectly well that when you open an account on these types of pages they will always give you free money in some cases, small amounts without depositing just for opening the account, and in others cases large or very large amounts after you make the first deposit or deposit in the user account.

Those who do not know very well how internet casinos work generally are left with the first impression, which are the casinos or casino pages that offer the largest or highest amounts of free money for new players when it turns out that there are other factors that should be taken into account when looking for casinos that offer the best promotions or those that may be more profitable.

In addition to the amount of free money that can be obtained, the other factors that must be taken into account when choosing any type of casino for its bonus are both the bonus percentages that are given away and then the conditions that that bonus has or rollover so that the player can convert it into real money without conditions or restrictions and keep it.

When it comes to the percentage of bonus for new players, what it is about is the percentage 100%, 200%, or up to 300% of the bonus that a casino can give you; When it gives you 100% it means that they are casinos that double your deposit, that is, you put € 100 and they give you another € 100, while those that offer 200% are tripling your deposit, that is, you enter € 100 and they give you € 200, Or in the best case, if they offer you the 300% percentage, you will deposit € 100 and they will give you € 300.

In this sense, let’s say that the bonus percentages range from 50% to 300% in the best of cases, although the most common, let’s say that in 80% of legal casinos in Spain, is that they double the initial deposit. I mean, you get free money the same amount you deposit; There are then exceptions that give 200% as the case of Botemanía or Luckia and then the Betfair casino, which is the only one in Spain that gives away 300% up to € 300 for free, being in the Spanish market the casino with the best bonus percentage for new players and therefore the most recommended.

The other aspect that we have said that must be taken into account is the conditions or rollover, which are the conditions that players have to meet in order to collect that free money that they have received and are betting; These conditions are always the same, that is, you have to bet X times the free money in the different casino games, taking into account that the conditions or requirements vary between casinos, some have them very complicated and others not so much, and that later the conditions also vary depending on the type of game where they are intended to comply with them.

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