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How To Bet At High Odds In Sports Betting

The bets with higher odds are the most attractive for the user since with a minimal investment they can offer quite high potential winnings. However, by way of consideration, the events of these quotas have a much lower hit rate than normal, which in practice means that they are very difficult to hit.

In this article, we are going to explain what benefits and drawbacks high odds in sports bets bring and what can be the best way to manage them.

What Are The Odds In Sports Betting?

The quota in sports betting is the profit you get for each euro wagered, which is provided by the bookmakers.

In this case, the odds of each event are established by the bookmakers based on 2 main factors:

  • Statistical data: The variables that can intervene in the outcome of a match (team history at home and away, injured players, H2H).
  • Profit margin: The profit that the bookmaker intends to obtain for each forecast made for that event.

The combination of these 2 aspects is what allows you to configure all the fees for any sporting event.

Should You Bet On The Highest Odds In Sports Betting?

The short answer is no. The long one is yes but with nuances. When you decide to make a sports forecast and check the odds offered for the different markets of, for example, a football game, it is advisable not to get carried away by the highest odds, since these are the who present the highest risk and, therefore, those with a higher failure rate.

Therefore, it is advisable to opt mostly for relatively high fees, that is, those that are in a range between € 2.00 and € 4.00, since these present us with events of not much risk and offer us the possibility of doubling, tripling or quadrupling our earnings.

How To Win With High Odds In Sports Betting?

To win sports bets with high odds you have to prepare in advance. If we are talking about a football match, we must collect and analyze a multitude of statistical data that helps us to create an image of the match in question, that is, how it will develop and about what events there are possibilities of finally taking place.

In this case, this analysis should help us to check, in advance, the percentage of success that the high odds event on which we intend to bet can have.

Example: Prediction both teams will score in the 1st half [fee € 9.00]. It is a bet, in principle, quite risky but that offers a very high odds. However, if the two teams that face each other have a very scoring dynamic, especially in the first 45 minutes and, in addition, H2H duels are usually also very scorers, then we will have to, really, the bet is not as risky as it seems, although no data can guarantee that a certain event or result will be repeated with security.

Finally, and being a sport, the chance factor of luck is an element that we cannot control but that is fundamental since in a football match a multitude of circumstances can happen that change the course of a match that seemed decided (missed goals from an empty goal, stupid expulsions, own goals).

Why Shouldn’t You Place High Stakes?

Bets with high odds are not recommended because they are very risky, since the higher the odds, the greater the risk there will be in that bet since the percentage of success will be less.

However, they should not be completely discarded either, the best option is to alternate them with others made to safer events, so that what we lose in the risk bet we can recover it in the safe bet and, if we are lucky and right, a bet to a high quota event can provide us with a huge benefit.

In short, the key to betting with high odds will be in the previous analysis, since this will be the one that tells us which is the best match to bet on this type of prediction.

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