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How To Play Solitaire

Are you lonely and bored? Level “I don’t even feel like watching a Netflix series”? Time to play a game!

As a casino that we are, we would tell you to try any of our games: both slots and roulette, bingo and blackjack have “demo” versions in which you can play for free, without even registering or entering your account.

But if you’re up to your screen cap and want some of the good old lonely fun of a lifetime… what you need is to throw in a lifetime of Solitaire. Find out how to play Solitaire!

What Do You Need To Play Solitaire?

Let’s clarify the screens: if something has brought Solitaire to the top of single-player games, it has been the famous version of Windows that, together with Minesweeper, has played practically the entire planet. And today it would not cost you to find a solitaire online.

There are even themed versions or variations like Spider Solitaire that offer added fun!

But you can enjoy this game on top of a mountain, without any connection, and have a great time by yourself. All you need is a French deck (that is, with spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs).

How To Play Classic Solitaire? The 5 Steps

As playing solitaire is something that is done all over the globe, the game is known by other names, such as the Patient, or the Klondike. It doesn’t matter what you call it. It plays like this:

Step 1: Organize The Cards

The first thing you should do is create 7 stacks of cards .

  • The first one only has 1 card face up.
  • The second pile has 2 cards, with the first one face up.
  • The third pile has 3 cards, with the first one face up.
  • In the fourth pile, there are 4 cards, again with the first one face up.
  • And so on until pile number 7.
  • The rest of the cards go to the deck that is set aside.

Step 2: Create Descending Stairs

Your goal when playing solitaire is to create descending stairs, in which the colors red and black alternate. For example, black K (spades) à red Q (diamonds) à black J (spades) à 10 red (hearts) à 9 black (clubs) à and so on until the ace

Obviously, you are not required to start with the K: it is about moving the discovered cards from one pile to another in alternating and descending order. For example, if in one pile you have a red 7, and in another pile, you have a black 6, you can take that six and put it under the 7.

Step 3: Pick Up Cards

As you move cards from one column to the other, some of the piles will be left without a face-up card. The game progresses as you pick up cards and reposition them on the growing stairs.

If you can’t put any of the cards face up, then you pick up the cards from the deck, and you stack them side by side until you find one that works for you.

Step 4: Fill The Gaps

As the game progresses, some of the 7 stacks will be “empty”. The first where this usually happens is the first two piles since they only have 1 and 2 cards.

In that hole, you can place any card or straight. It is a very useful resource to discover cards from another pile that you had stuck, or to rearrange your stairs.

Step 5: Create The 4 Stairs

The ultimate goal when playing Solitaire is to empty all 7 stacks and the bad guy, until only 4 full ladders remain on the table, from K to A.

And that’s it, you know how to play Solitaire, you already have entertainment for those boring moments when you don’t know what to do. Don’t thank us, just have a good time!

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