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Top Up PlayStation Credit: Here’s How To Do It Correctly

The PlayStation offers gamers numerous ways to have fun alone or with friends worldwide. Gaming together can strengthen solidarity among friends or colleagues. If you prefer to play alone, primarily to unwind after a stressful day at work.

But no matter why you want to play with your PS4 or PS5, you can add even more excitement to the game by purchasing new content from the PlayStation Store. This article will show you how you can easily top up your credit.

Topping up PlayStation credit: what are the advantages?

A significant advantage of topping up PlayStation credit is that you don’t have to enter your payment methods frequently with Sony. Instead, you create your account in the shop, which you can use to pay in advance, like a prepaid card for your cell phone. This is particularly useful in the case of discount campaigns, which often occur spontaneously. To be able to top up your PlayStation credit, you must be of legal age.

Top up PlayStation credit using a code or card

There are various options available to top up your PSN credit. For example, you can purchase corresponding codes and redeem them on the Sony website under “Account Management.” To do this, click the “Redeem Code” option on the left and enter your credit code there. Then select “Continue,” and the credit will automatically be added to your PSN account.

Good to know: Alternatively, you can redeem your credit code directly via the store on your PS4. To do this, go to the “Redeem Code” option at the bottom left of the store.

PlayStation credit via instant transaction

If you want to top up your PlayStation Store credit via instant transaction, go back to Sony’s account management page. Then select “Payment management” from the list on the left. If you have already saved a payment method, you can easily top up new PSN credit using “Add Money.”

In an intermediate step, you may be asked to confirm that you are of legal age. To do this, copy the data from your ID card. This is necessary because you can also purchase USK games with PSN credit.

Are you shopping in the PlayStation Store without credit?

However, games do not have to be purchased exclusively with PSN credit. Instead, there is another way. To do this, enter a payment method in your account. This can be, for example, credit card details or those for PayPal.

Once in your shopping cart, you can also pay for games from the PlayStation Store using the payment method provided. This, in turn, has the advantage that no unused small amounts remain on your account. One thing can be said: If you frequently shop in the PlayStation Store, topping up your account regularly can be worthwhile. However, if you only buy a game now and then, we advise you to use a different means of payment.

The conclusion: Shop quickly and safely with PlayStation credit

Playing with the PlayStation and purchasing new games in the PlayStation Store has a unique appeal for many gamers. The easiest way to do this is with the appropriate credit, which you can top up as you wish and then use freely. You can get credit, for example, by purchasing prepaid cards.

Using your credit account has the advantage of not having to re-enter your account details every time you pay in the PlayStation Store. Instead, you can enter a code, and your credit will be available to purchase games or other content.

If you frequently shop in the PlayStation Store, we advise you to always keep your credit up to date. Alternatively, you can store other payment methods on the Sony website, such as credit cards or PayPal details. Remember that you must be at least 18 to purchase from the PlayStation Store. If all the requirements are met, you can benefit from discount promotions and games that can improve your gaming experience.

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