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How To Win At Online Casinos And Roulette. The Best Methods And Tips

Online roulette has various modalities and a series of very clear rules. Chance is relevant, of course, but there are always practical aspects that you must handle with ease to know how to win at roulette. Despite this, remember that we are only talking about guides that can help you, but in no case are they infallible methods or tricks that guarantee you profits. Chance rules and the risk is still there, so always play responsibly and safely with Kenyan Online Casinos.

Strategies to win at roulette exist, but you should not think that they are methods that guarantee anything. What is certain is that you can implement these strategies to organize yourself and stay away from common failures.

Strategies to win at online roulette

Achieving good results in any of the roulette options is anything but easy. European/French and American roulette coincide in giving you good options to place your bets, but chance determines the future of the spins.

Martingale Method

It may be the best known strategy to try to win at online roulette. Its operation is very simple. It is about betting a small amount and doubling it in case of losses. By statistics, sooner or later the profits arrive and the sum of your losses will be compensated with the profit you obtain. It is a strategy with some risk in the face of losing streaks, but you can use it in any type of roulette on our menu, including, of course, online roulette .

D’Alembert method

This strategy is very similar to the Martingale in its operation. It is about adding a unit to the bet that is made after losing a spin. In the case of winning it, it must be subtracted. In this method, the same single bet is always used.

Fibonacci method

The Fibonacci is a very successful strategy that is based on a progressive betting system, but maintains the risk of any other. It requires more patience because you need more time to recover from a losing streak, but its losses are smaller. It is only used when betting on red/black, even/odd and 1-18/19-36. It consists of following the mathematical sequence 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89. You start by betting 1, and if you win, you move back two steps in the sequence. It is about following it until you reach the end of the numerical series.

Speech method

The basis of this strategy for online roulette is that you bet larger amounts when you win and return to the amount of the initial bet when you lose . Its operation is contrary to the Martingale and has the advantage that a large budget is not required. When a spin is won, the winnings will be wagered on the next spin. It is best to set a specific goal and walk away once it is achieved.

Oscar Grind Method

It is used in more online casino games and is based on the idea that the stakes placed can never be too high and that the player should look for profits on a daily basis, no matter how small.

Its operation is based on small bets and always of the even/odd, black/red type… The budget that is available must be set well and it starts with a bet of a single unit. The amount is held until you make a profit and a loss, consecutively. From there, two units must be bet. This strategy is ideal for European online roulette.

Guetting Method

It is a mathematical method that has proven its usefulness for online roulette. Once again, it is based on simple bets of the even/odd type… In French/European roulette it considerably reduces the house edge and is based on increasing the bets after achieving two winning spins. In the case of losing, you return to the lower level and, if the losing streak persists, you continue to lower the level of the bets.

The best tricks to win at online roulette

Now that you know the most powerful roulette strategies, we think you will also find a series of practical tips on how to enjoy this game very useful. Remember that, before starting them, you must know the rules of the modality in which you want to play and set your objectives very clearly. Once again, these are practical aspects that can be useful to you, but never take them for sure ways to achieve profits.

It is important to control your budget

Whichever modality of online roulette you want to enjoy, you must set the amount of money you want to play. Not all of us have the same possibilities, so it is a personal decision. We have already told you that many of the strategies to win at roulette do not need a large bankroll but, in any case , the important thing is that you manage it well . For this reason, in addition to your budget, you must also choose the precise moment in which it is best to retire.

Set your own game limits

This trick for online roulette is closely related to the previous one. You must mark a maximum amount of money that you are willing to play. You should never exceed that limit and even less looking to compensate yourself for the losses that you may have accumulated. You must also set the limit of bets you want to make or even the time you want to spend on the game. The key is that you are in control at all times so that you do not make the wrong decisions and that you always play safely.

Take advantage of multipliers

These multipliers represent one of the latest developments in online roulette. They feature strongly in the Quantum Roulette option and allow you to multiply the value of your winnings. Obviously, it can be an ideal option to improve your results since the same luck can give you very different rewards.


All forms of online roulette are really interesting. The European/French also has the incentive of a ruler as well known as La Partage. It is a kind of insurance that manages to reduce your losses when the winning number is 0 and you have made simple bets. If you decide to play in these modalities, do not forget to use this rule to cushion your possible bad streaks.

Find the best bet types

In online roulette you can use all kinds of bets. There are simple ones, but you can also use multiple or advertised ones . It is important that you know the advantages of each option to use them correctly. A good strategy will help you, but it is vital to optimize it in practice with the type of bet that can give you a better result.

Better make inside bets

You already know that online roulette allows you to make inside and outside bets. The latter reach more numbers, which gives more options to win. However, the highest value is found in the interiors since that is where the options to earn more are. Of course, this is true for all types of roulette, including those with random multipliers such as Lightning Roulette.

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