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Online Roulette – Also Possible From The Sofa

Whether you are a winner or a loser emerges. Recently, the spectacle has also been possible from the sofa – thanks to the online casinos!

Online roulette has gained a huge fan base over the past few years. A wide range and the variety of casinos make roulette a trendy online casino game:

  • French roulette games
  • Progressive Roulette Games
  • Live games

All this and much more promises exciting game evenings that can even be played comfortably on the sofa with the laptop. And who knows: maybe there is even a big win. But whether it’s a win or a loss, the casino providers go to great lengths to offer the players a unique experience and to make every visit to the online casino a positive experience. In this context, special mention should be made of the 3D casinos, which create such an authentic gaming experience that you as a player feel as if you are in the largest gaming venues in Monaco, Macao or Las Vegas. But you shouldn’t dare to go to the online casino without any prior knowledge; not even if it’s only from the sofa …

The Black Sheep Among The Providers

For both experienced and beginning roulette players, the very first step is to choose a casino provider. While those players with experience have their fixed contact points, beginners usually make their choice for a provider with good luck. However, this can lead to problems with payouts and fraud on the part of the online casino. Therefore it is important: only choose legal online roulette casinos in Germany! More information can be found here . With the overview of the best providers, you are safe on the move. Also, check that the provider meets the following criteria :

  • Existing license (ideally one that is meaningful, e.g. from Malta or Schleswig-Holstein)
  • Easily accessible and friendly customer service
  • The highest possible payout ratio

Here We Go: But What Should You Watch Out For When Playing Roulette?

Although roulette, and thus online roulette, is a largely simple game, there are a number of tricks, strategies, and game systems to improve your own performance and the probability of winning.

But first, the rules of the game should be explained: A distinction is made between American and European roulette. American roulette offers the numbers or number combinations 0, 00 and 1 to 36. In European roulette you can expect the numbers 0 to 36; so overall one number less than the American one. The numbers are also assigned colors that are either red or black. Now place your money – or initially play money – on corresponding numbers, colors or combinations. In plain language there is the possibility to bet on simple chances :

  • The color red or black
  • Even or odd numbers
  • Low (1-18) or high (19-36) numbers
  • Here the payout ratio is 1: 1.

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The Tips For Improving Your Own Chances

One of the tips is the chosen game model: French roulette is recommended because it lowers the house edge of the casino due to only one zero. In French roulette, you also benefit from the Partage rule, which stipulates that you get back half of the bets placed on simple chances if the ball lands on the field with the 0. This further reduces the house edge of the casino. More tips:

  • Adjustment of the stakes: lower stakes in losing stakes, increase stakes in winning streaks
  • Discipline: Don’t let your emotions guide you when you’re out on the field, but orientate yourself towards the course of the game
  • Trial runs: Before playing for real money, you should always play with play money

Systems And Strategies Used In The Game Of Roulette

With systems and strategies, you have to be careful when doing research on the Internet. Because there are plenty of sites that preach the blue of heaven and even speak of secure systems for profit. At this point it should be noted: There is never any security. Roulette, like other casino games, is and remains a game that involves plenty of risk. But at least there are approaches that reflect various practicable strategies. An example of this is an advanced strategy called the third strategy.

The point here is to bet amounts of money on the three thirds (1-12, 13-24, and 25-36). The first step is to wait until a third – for example 1-12 – has not occurred four times in a row. Now 1 euro is bet on this third. In the event of a win, 1 euro is again placed on a third of the choice. If, however, a loss occurs, the stake increases – this is in contrast to the previous tips and is a way of playing according to the so-called loss progression. However, since the payout ratio is 2: 1, it can be assumed that the losses will quickly offset each other.

Fun Factor And Low Risk On The Sofa At Home Are Best!

If you decide to play online roulette, then an entertaining thrill awaits you. However, this thrill has already pulled people into a maelstrom and made them dependent. For this reason, it is recommended that you set limits for the amount of money you set and that you strictly adhere to them. Also, approach the profit with lower expectations and consider the venture more fun . Then you will be able to discover an interesting and sensible pastime on the sofa at home in online roulette.

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