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European Roulette And Its Tricks

To speak of European roulette is to speak of one of the most followed and well-known modalities of this online casino classic. It is a very attractive roulette and is always analyzed in comparison with American roulette. The big difference between the two is that the American has 38 boxes, ranging from 1 to 36, to which is added zero and double zero. In short, it has one more number than the European one. For this reason, we want to dedicate this space to European Roulette and its tricks, to tell you all about it.

This previous clarification can be very important when it comes to better understanding the tricks that we bring you for European roulette. By having one more number, American roulette gives the house a greater advantage, which is why those looking for better prizes should focus on European roulette.

Once again, we want to highlight the paramount importance of chance in European roulette. This means that the tricks that we are now going to tell you should be received as an aid in your decision making, but never as infallible strategies or methods that guarantee you win because they are not. Remember that you are putting your money at risk, so always play with the utmost responsibility and with your safety as the highest priority.

Greater advantage for the player, better option

We have just seen that, due to the characteristics of both modalities, European roulette grants a smaller advantage to the house. In other words, players have more options to achieve good results. The house has a very small edge in European roulette, which is why it is the most interesting option.

In the American version, the advantage of the casino for that extra zero is given because it does not belong to any of the simple bets with probability of 50%. In the European, all numbers except zero carry a color: red or black. The house edge in European roulette is 2.70 to 5.26 in American. These figures are the result of dividing the zeros that each of these modalities has between the numbers of the cylinder. With all this, it is clear why we should focus more on European roulette.

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What are the tricks for European roulette?

In each and every one of our casino games it is very good that you have a defined strategy in order to improve your results as much as possible. Often, these strategies are defined by a series of tricks or practical actions that seek to avoid the most frequent mistakes.

When talking about tricks in European roulette, you have to be very clear that none of them can guarantee that you win. Online roulette players must know the influence of luck in this modality, hence the complexity of winning. Despite this, it is true that there are certain practical issues that can be useful, as long as chance decides to also be on our side.

Of course, when we talk about tricks we are not talking about something that has to do with cheating or anything like that. It should be clear that, when talking about tricks, we are not referring to game strategies either. All that we intend to tell you here are little tricks with which we are convinced that you will improve your gaming experience in European roulette, also including its live European roulette versions .

European roulette and its best known tricks

To make it even clearer, the tricks we are talking about are intended to improve the real possibilities you have when playing European roulette. As we will see, many of them have to do with the players’ own attitude, their money management and other issues that improve the decision-making process.

These are the most striking tricks of how many you can use in European roulette:

Know the bets thoroughly

In European roulette, as well as in premium European roulette, you can make various bets. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to know them all thoroughly to choose the one that best suits what you are looking for. You could decide to bet on single numbers (straight) or perhaps opt for multiple bets (thirds, even / odd…). Each spin at roulette is a different story, but being clear about the bet you want to place is a big decision.

Retreat on time is a victory

A good European roulette player must know when it is time to fold . It is vital to know how to make this decision in time, even when everything is going well and we are winning. When playing European roulette we do it against the odds, hence betting on multiple numbers may be the best option. If you make profits, even small ones, it is time to withdraw. This is more difficult to do in live roulette due to the excitement of the game, but it is still just as important.

Experience is vital

As in the rest of the online casino modalities that we offer you, the experience you acquire will help you refine your decisions. For this, you can start playing with low stakes to minimize the risks, take advantage of the bonuses and other offers and read everything you can about roulette in our blog to be better prepared when you go raising your goals as a user.

Forget about using the Martingale strategy

You already know that this strategy consists of doubling the bets you make every time you lose. Well, this option is very bad for European roulette . In the long run, this way of playing does not work as a trick for European roulette due to several factors:

  • This roulette has a bet limit which means that we cannot double the bet without limit.
  • The players’ budget can vary, but it will never be infinite, so you can’t double down indefinitely.
  • The bad streaks, sooner or later, appear.

Always count on the probability

It is a vital question. European roulette users should always rely on probability in order to cover most of the numbers in play. A clear example of this would be that we bet on two of the three dozen numbers on the roulette wheel. In this way, we would have a 66% chance of hitting and winning. If we combine this with a bet on red or black, the figures would rise to 83%.

It is best to understand that we are not talking about a heads-up game, but that studying mathematical probabilities will be very useful. Ideas like beating the house should be forgotten, as should strategies like the Martingale and its variants.

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