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Online Casino Tips – How To Become A Professional Player!

Worldwide, 26 percent of the population plays in casinos, a total of 1.6 billion people. About 4.2 billion people gamble at least once a year, according to a study of gambling rates. Bill Benter, one of the most successful professional players and developer of the first horse betting software, focuses primarily on horse betting and earns US $ 100 million annually. Therefore, the steadily increasing popularity of playing in online casinos ( Vera & John Mr. Green or Intercasino ) is no coincidence. The following article deals with how you can become a professional player and which online casino tips for beginners you should pay attention to.

Online casino tips – become a professional player, but how?

Many dream or hope to be able to finance their living by playing in an online casino. Some have already succeeded and are financially secure, but then some don’t seem to be lucky. But gambling is about so much more than just being “lucky.” It is rather the path that leads to great success.

Online Casino Tips – The Story of the “Roulette King”

Like Bill Benter, Benno Eitel Winkel, a professional roulette player, joins the list of the most successful and richest gambling players ever. Let’s go back a few decades. In the 50s and 60s, he won incredible sums of money playing roulette in the casino so that he finally had a proud fortune of one and a half million marks. He was accused of fraud and was eventually charged. But in the end, he was acquitted because he could prove how this great success came about, namely through years of analyzing and studying long statistics and curve sheets and, of course, years of gaming experience in the casino. In this case, too, math was involved.

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Online casino tips – the recipe for success for professional gamblers

  • Strategy
  • Mathematical understanding
  • A lot of work
  • Exercise
  • Specialization in a particular game
  • Luck
  • High playing capital
  • A partner
  • Leave credit cards at home
  • Don’t hide any reserves in your car
  • Reputable online casinos

Online Casino Tips – The Top 10 Hacks for Aspiring Pro Gamblers

To be able to play in a casino at all, you have to be of legal age. There is no training for the classic professional player. Here it comes down to you. The motto is self-study and practices through experience. There is a wide range of courses, tutorials, training, instructions, and, above all, books online.

Some crucial qualities that a professional gamer should bring are:

Nerve strength

Here a professional player needs a cool head when there is a lot of money on the table. And it is precisely then that it is important to make the right decisions.


Not every day goes well. Instead of gambling away more and more money, you should find an exit and set your limits. Patience is also required, as tournaments can last for hours if there is no good hand. If you are impatient and bet with bad cards, that is a waste of money.

Mathematical understanding

Understanding the math behind the game is essential. Probabilities, in particular, play an incredibly important role and can make the difference between winning and losing.

Knowledge of human nature

If the game does not take place online but offline at the real table, knowledge of human nature is very important to assess the other players. It is different online; here, it depends on recurring patterns to discover them and draw conclusions.

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Poker face

Having a poker face is extremely important. If the corner of the mouth twitches with a strong hand, this is not hidden from the opponent, flashing eyes, and accelerated breathing. The motto here is not to attract attention or to be credible.

Stay realistic

Anyone who believes that they can reverse the house edge with professional strategies is mistaken. This thinking is irrational and inappropriate. What professional players should do is think realistically and act logically. Gambling is not a guarantee of permanent cash profit. It comes down to a math understanding and a dose of luck to make big profits. As I said, even with the best strategies, this doesn’t always work.

Calm and serenity

Other important aspects that can significantly contribute to success are calm and serenity. Because if you act rashly, you run the risk of going home empty-handed. It is important not to be fooled by setbacks or defeats and to move on with the strategy.

Maintain strategy

As a professional player, you can neither rely on the best tactic nor the unique strategy, because in the end, the only clue for assessing whether the strategy or tactic will work is chance. Beginners, in particular, should always keep this in mind and always include them when setting.

Set limits

One of the biggest challenges is gambling addiction. If you are not careful, you are in this vicious circle faster than you can see. This includes excessive gambling and indiscriminate wagering of money. But this addiction can be avoided if you set fixed and strict limits, which you should always adhere to.

Know and recognize opportunities

The professional gamer can see the odds of occurrence results inside out. You always know exactly what the chances of winning are. But that takes years of practice. Beginners are always advised to have a table with them about the game options and the possible chances of winning. With experience comes a better understanding.

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